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The Chrismas Post

I wrote a Christmas post, but honestly...it stunk.  So, I leave you with pictures.

It used to be that as long as I was with my family, Christmas was perfect.  Lately, I want it to include more of the "reason for the season".  I get to feeling like there is so much to the material preparation of Christmas yet very little concentration on the spiritual reason...Jesus.  Of course, I cant speak for my family.  They may have spent time in prayer and meditation but I did not this season.  I, personally, did not spend much time discussing the Nativity story with my great-nieces and nephews.  We went to their Christmas pageant...maybe they got enough of it there.  Is there ever enough of it, though?  Especially, in these times?

That's where I am this year on the subject of Christmas.

Look at these two....

It's back to work tomorrow.  It will be another intense week, but a little intensity now will result in a smooth start to 2016. oh.my.gosh.  2016!!

Happy New Year