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Happy New Year

As I start this post it is New Years Eve! 

And just fair warning, it may be Valentines Day before I finish it. 

Happy New Year! 

Haha!  Look at those fireworks and everyone's enthusiasm!!

We actually are sitting here patiently, watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin in New York so we can go to bed! They are an hour ahead of us.   One word...OLD.

Our original intention for New Years Eve was to go to the Corpus Christi area to visit Ron's kids and the gang. 

As with our planned Christmas visit to San Antonio, the weather screwed that up.  It  is difficult to leave our outside dog in the winter element and she is just too much for our dog-sitter (Grandma) to handle. 

I was ok with staying home, though.  I am not one to want to be away from home much, but Big Ron was pretty disappointed.  So...we made menudo!  That always cheers him up.

It meant he had to track down some menudo and brave the crowd at HEB to pick up some hominy and seasoning but it was so worth it.  We invited the Bay City family over - it was a sweet little get together.  I did not take many more pictures than usual but I did get a few.

Although he has been on this here blog before, let me re-introduce this ol' goat, I mean my brother, Leo...

That Dude looks more and more like my Dad every day. 

My brother and sister-in-law...

Aren't they cute??  Sunday will be their 40th year marriage Anniversary!  I think that's awesome.  I pray this year God continues to bless them with love, health and abundance! 

There are very few pictures of me and probably even fewer of me and my brother...

My brother is a unique individual.  He's a pretty tough dude, has a strong internal fortitude for which I am grateful!  I lub him :)  I'm pretty sure I don't tell him enough, though.

And here's our Mama!

Thank you, sweet Jesus!

So...the only others of our guests that had the privilege of being photographed are these two...

The twins.  The coloring went over quite well at Thanksgiving dinner, but not exciting enough for New Year's Eve.  They burned Sparklers, but it never occurred to me to get pics.  Ugh.  I wish I had gotten their little brother in the photo, but only got the very top of his hair.

So, that is how 2015 ended for us.  It was pretty much a perfect ending to a blessed year.   

Oh yeah...our blessings.  One thing that happened in 2015 was Ronnie got a job!  He likes it a lot and likes being back in the workforce - part time.  The other thing...we sold our Dickinson house.  It was bitter-sweet, but it went to a very sweet couple.  Another highlight was Ron's kids came to visit on Bull Blast weekend.  It was a "blast".  We had fun and hope they did too!

I know a lot more wonderful stuff happened and I give thanks for it all.

We don't have any New Years resolutions...I just want to simplify and enjoy the moment more.

And, we are just hoping everyone has a Very Happy, Blessed and Prosperous 2016!


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