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Ode to Maggie Mae

O, Maggie Mae,

You're as golden as the sunshine.

O, Maggie Mae,

You're as fine as any wine.

O, Maggie Mae, 

I'm so grateful, so grateful,

for the day God made you mine.


I've been sitting here several minutes trying to figure out whether or not to write something or just post a few pics of our sweet Maggie.

My Take

It isn't as if there isn't plenty to write about this ol' girl.  
Like the day I picked her out of the litter.  She was the only one really hanging around me.  The others were playing and chasing each other, but not Maggie.  Maggie was nipping at my heels, running around my feet as I walked.  I thought for sure that was a sign, and it was...it was a sign that she was going to be a wild child.
Oh, Maggie...she was a stubborn one.  We would take her out to potty and stand and stand and....  Maggie would not "go".  She sniffed and played, but she never pottied...until we went inside.  Then it was straight for the carpet the first minute we took our eyes off of her.  It's funny now.  
Maggie loved to wrap the house in toilet paper. Ronnie and I both had the pleasure of jobs that allowed us to come and go when we wanted.  So, we would leave Maggie inside knowing we could go check on her in a couple of hours.  Sometimes we would forget to close the doors to the bathrooms.  We would come home to toilet paper everywhere, especially wrapped around our little fur ball.  She so loved mischievousness!
She mellowed as she got older.  She was such a sweet girl.  I never even realized she was getting older.  It wasn't until my niece asked "why is her face so much whiter than the rest of her? Has it always been that way?" Then it hit me, she's eleven years old - almost twelve.
She was very healthy and active until her eleventh year.  She was still full of vim and vigor, but we knew she had a growth in her abdomen.  Ultimately, it came time to consider, then make the decision.  As always, it broke our hearts.  
Dr. Muegge and her assistant, Austin, from  Bay City Veterinary Clinic  came out to our house so we wouldn't have to put Maggie through the discomfort of getting in the car and all.  I can not say enough about how grateful we are that they offer that service.  And, they were so caring and compassionate.  They did everything they could to take any unbearable part of the process of our shoulders.  

We love you Maggie Mae.


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