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Matagorda, Texas

I bet you wonder what we will blog about when this little guy goes home.  I wonder too.

Yesterday, Saturday, was the laziest day ever...for all of us.

We were up early to try and secure some good tickets to the Matagorda County Livestock Show and Rodeo, so it kind of threw us all off kilter.  Even the little guy.

He would play a while and then act like he was just plain bored.  I would say, "Ya wanna go watch cartoons?" and he would run around gathering the favorite toys of the day and head for the back room, straight to his bed.  

We watched TV, napped and just lazed around in general.

So, today we thought we would go ahead and get him out and about.


Off, to Matagorda we went.  It is amazing what a little beach, sun and family can do for the soul.  

Mom went with us.  The boy played and ran and stepped in fire ants.  

Only a few takes before we got a really good one, haha.

We ended the trip with dinner at La Casona.  They love this boy over there.  They are always so sweet to him.  We give every waitress the option of taking him home.  No takers yet. 

Yeah...I'm just joking about that.

Chicken, Again?

"Hot Diggity Dog"

"Hot Diggity Dog"