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The Birthday Lady

I actually wrote this post on January 11.  But I have been trying to update the blog to a new version of Square Space and for some reason the original post wont show.  I'll get the kinks worked out, though.  So just pretend its Sunday, January 11th for a minute:

It's Sunday night.  The house is becoming very quiet.  I can feel the peace of night-time setting in. I try to get my thoughts in order as the sounds of the baby laughing and playing in his bed gently travel to my subconscious from the back of the house.  My heart smiles at the sound of his laughter and the thought of the smile on his face.  Ronnie sits behind me looking for something to watch on TV and I am here, in front of the computer, trying to figure out where to begin.  

There has not been a post to Casa Causpanic since May or so and not one for almost a year before that.  It is difficult to begin writing again.  As I read back on our posts, it seems like a different life, different people, a different me, for sure.  It is a good different though, on all counts.  A different I like.    

One thing that is not different is the cadence of life.  Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, birthdays, holidays...all the things that drive us through the year. We move through one event, savoring the blessing of the moment and then looking forward to the next.  Today's event:  my mama's birthday.  We celebrated a little differently this year, so no pics. All the photos are from last years birthday party...that I never got around to posting.

I know everyone says this, but I have the most incredible mother.  I feel lucky to have realized at a very young age how much my parents meant to me.  They both were strength and faith and love and loyalty.  Oh yeah, they fought and annoyed each other, but they did so knowing one would never leave the other.  I digress, but it is hard to describe my mom without including my dad because they were one to me.


My mom....she is strength and fun and friendship.  She is full of opinions and advice.  She is encouragement.  She has faith in me.  She calls me out on my bratty behavior.  She consoles me and makes me laugh.  She LOVES to watch the news and QVC and HSN.  She has strong political views and I really think it hurts her when we don't see things the same way.  And although she is strong, I feel a fragility from her, at times, and it melts my heart.  I love her dearly and I am so very grateful God blessed me with this beautiful spirit as a mother.  


She had a great day.  My brother and his family went to visit her and I know she cherished that moment.  It was weird not celebrating as a family, but the weather has been trying to beat us down with the cold and the rain.  Mom just didn't want to get out in it.  So, I guess everyone went to her.  Ronnie, RJ and I went this evening.  We took her some good ol' Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Christi joined us at Mama's table and we enjoyed the meal as we talked and laughed at RJ's little ways.  It was not a spectacular 82nd celebration, but it was one that made her happy.  That is all that counts, no?

I'm glad to have gotten this first post under my belt after so much time of not posting. I am not going to go over it or rehash it or analyze it.  I am just going to post it and see what tomorrow brings to mind.  I love you my Mama!


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