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...Not the evolution of which you are thinking, but more the evolution of recording memories aka photography!

My dad was the pioneer photographer in our family.  I was not really a talker when my dad was alive, so I never really asked him questions about his likes or dislikes and I find myself wondering, now, what drew him to photography.  

He took classes and learned the craft.  Then he turned an old house next door to ours into a studio and he took pictures of people.  And after that he decided to BUILD a studio!  That floors me!  My dad...he said to himself, "I want to be a photographer"...and he became one.  He put his name out there and people came to him to get pictures of their people taken by him.  Fascinating to me.  

Once...my dad took pics of Rice Queen Contestants, and my brother, Leo, took them to school, without permission, to share with his friends.  Brothers!  Geez.

Next thing you know, my brother, Chris, decided he could take pictures too.  They took senior pics, weddings, family pics.  Passports!  I remember the passports because I used to print them.   I made a whopping 25 cents each passport.  What??

Yep, we used to have a dark room with an enlarger and chemicals and a dark room light, which I might mention didn't seem much different than that light used by people that liked to smoke pot back in the 70's.  What was that?  A blue light or something?  I digress.

I would give a $1,000,000 if there was a chance I could visit with my dad and Chris for just half an hour about how far photography has evolved.  

My dad, I am sure, would be fascinated by the fact that you can see the pictures instantly now-a-days.

Chris...he would have a blast with all the effects and filters and such.  He spent hours retouching photos.  We would have had so much more time to go to the Benchmark if he were here today.

As for me, I love the different filters, but sometimes the original picture is beautiful enough I can't bear to put a filter to it.

The following is one of my favorite filters...Cross Process Green.  I dont know why.


What about Orton?  One of the first I remember using.

I'm pretty sure both Chris and Dad would say, "Why are you taking pictures of meat and asparagus?"

To which I would answer, "It's not meat and asparagus!  It's beauty and nourishment and plenitude!!" or something equally as weird that they totally wouldn't understand.

Speaking of beauty...I LOVE this salad.  I eat it daily, lately.   

Now, the salad with Bokeh:

Wowza!  Totally not necessary, but cool none-the-less.  I love the Bokeh effect.

I think Dad and Chris would have liked all the new things we can do with editing.  I don't think they would have imagined that we would go from a picture you had to send off to be developed, waiting two weeks to see it only to find you got your t-shirt and jeans in the shot to instant fix photography.  

They would have been proud that my niece, Christi, also has a love for the craft.  I never understood f stop and aperture or exposure. Christi...now she could have really put to use the knowledge they had.

That stuff just went in one ear and out the other for me.  

I just wanted to take a dang picture!  And guess what!!  Now, I can!

Normal photography is great.

Ah, he is so adorable.  

But normal with the Tranquil filter, dark edges and a celebration theme...well...it's FUN!  

And we may or may not have had Rib-eye steak, Asparagus and Raspberry Spinach Salad for Milo's birthday.   Ha-Ha!  Just kidding...maybe.  :)


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