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This post originally began like this:

"In five days we will write the last page of the "Dickinson, Texas" chapter of our lives."    

Delay seems a normal occurrence in our house closings, though.  

I remember when we bought our very first house on El Gato Creek in Corpus Christi, I had to reschedule the transfer of utilities three times.  

Well...it is possible, that my overwhelming enthusiasm (read as lack of patience) played a part in one (maybe two) of those reschedules, but I know at least once it was due to closing delays.


We were scheduled to close on our Dickinson house on Friday, July 17th, 2015.  

That date had been set for at least five weeks...until Tuesday, July 14th.  

Three days before close we received a call informing us that the lender wanted to do one last "walk through" and needed the lights, water and gas turned back on (it had all been turned off, as our renter moved out a month before).

This created much grief and turmoil for my hubby.  I could see it in his face, feel it in his silence.  

I griped and complained at the top of my lungs and I may or may not have spewed out a few really bad words.  

That is one of the many ways he and I are different.  He just holds it inside.  Me, I say everything that comes to mind and every word is saturated with my disappointment (anger, sadness, fear...whatever the case may be) and then, finally I accept it and try to make the most of the situation.

As it turned out, someone had to be at the house in order to turn on the gas.  So, instead of going to Dickinson to sign closing papers we went to sit in an empty house waiting for the gas tech to arrive.

This disturbed my sweet hubby even more, but I was thrilled. Have I ever told you I loved living in Dickinson??


We were up early that morning, Mama came to stay with Milo since the time frame they gave us for a tech arriving was anywhere between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

We learned the day before, that in order to get the water turned on we had to fill out an application, even though we had an account there for over two years.  So the Water Co. was our first stop.

We filled out the application and Ronnie was ready to write his $150 deposit check (for a week of service) when he was asked for his proof of ownership or lease agreement.

"WHAT???  Nobody told me I needed that when I called."  

He stood there silently, as he stared out the window, trying to gain his composure.  It was a long two or three minutes.  We had nothing.  To top it off, we only had a 30 minute window to get to the library, pull up tax records at the appraisal district website and print it out to take back to them as proof of ownership.  

Ronnie was already back at the car when I remembered the smart phone!!  I pulled up the website on my phone and emailed the information to the girl there at the water office. Thankfully, she was at least willing to print it.

Now, we were free to do what ever we wanted until the gas tech called to say he was on his way. 

As you can see from the photo above, we grabbed some breakfast as my hubby tried to shake the mood in which this whole situation had put him.


We were sad to see that our first choice, Los Ramirez Mexican Restaurant, had shut down.

Talk about closing a chapter. We had so many wonderful dinners at that place.  The staff was always so nice and the restaurant so clean.  I cant imagine what could have happened.  Anyhoo....

We ended up at La Frontera.  It was fine.  

We discussed how much our food choices have changed, for the better we hope, as we ate a type of breakfast we used to eat every weekend and now rarely eat, 

Of course we made a run to my favorite shopping center near the house, but mostly we waited.

Oh, the distress on that face.

He just wanted to be home in BC.  I, on the other hand, felt like I was home...right there in that house.

I walked through the house and reminisced.  

Not only did I remember the many mornings of waking to the warm sunshine softly filtering through the windows but also, all the weekends we would start with opening all the blinds, letting in that life giving light.  

I also remembered that not even a month after moving there we got a LOT of rain.  Like three days of heavy, non-stop rain.  

It was like a safe, dark little cave in there, though.  We watched movies and napped and we watched in amazement that our little cul-de-sac did not flood.

Then, I remembered Jake running up the long entry hall every time he heard Ronnie's truck pull into the driveway.

We would open the blind on the narrow window by the door and he would watch with anticipation as Ronnie approached the door, all the while tail twirling round and round.

I remembered the safe haven Ronnie created in the garage during the winter with blankets and heat lamps for Lacey and Maggie.  And, I remember them heading straight for that garage door when they came in.

I remembered the sweet sound of Ronnie's key in the door at the end of the day as I prepared a meal for us to eat together.

I remembered Ashley, our neighbor, and her sweet son, Carter, coming to visit and bringing us goodies to eat.

I remember the many days Mama spent there with us.

I remember the many date nights we had, going out to eat and shopping. I remember the pounds we put on too. :)

I suggested perhaps we could keep the house and split our time between BC and Dickinson.  We both work part-time jobs.  Doesn't seem like it would be too hard.  My husband does not agree.  

Another way we are different.  He is a realist, I a dreamer.

I took lots of photos, as someday I hope we can build a house similar to this one.  

Yep, a girl can dream.


I didn't cry that day like I did this day, but I am crying as I write this.  I don't know why.  

We have a great life here, a lovely little place to live that my husband, brother and nephew put much love, sweat and tears into making it a place I would love.  And...I do love it, I really do.  My dad worked hard to make this building a reality for his dream of being a photographer and I appreciate all he did and went through to leave a legacy for his family.  

And, I know that the most important thing in this life is the time we share with the people we love. So, I can't really explain the tears.

Perhaps now that we are selling that house I can close the door to those memories and really concentrate on the memories we are creating here.

Aaaaanyway...we wrapped up the day with a trip to Pei Wei, of course.  And now we look forward to "closing" this chapter this coming week.  

Wish us luck.


Domino Champ