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No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

Y'all come on in.

It is a very ordinary, extraordinary life about which we journal.

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Photo Dump

Lots of pictures on the ol' SD card.  None of them are really related to each other nor is there rhyme or reason to them.

I lie!  More like I'm mistaken.  They are related.  They are pictures of things I love.  Pictures of the little moments in our lives.  Take this one, for instance:

Milo and Cheecho Boy looking out the window.  This was way back at the beginning of the year.  It warms my heart remembering how fascinated both of them were of the "outside world" haha.

I must admit...I miss this li'l man.  I mean that pretty literally.  I miss THAT kid.  The kid he was in this picture.

And this picture...

We were at the Toyota place.  Good ol' 5,000 mile service visit.  He played and kept himself occupied.  I watched in awe of his imagination and in fear of that moment he might turn into a brat.  But, he never did.  He listened and was very well behaved the whole time.  It took some time for us to trust ourselves to be able to handle the unpredictable behavior patterns of children and of this baby boy.  That is only after being incredibly overconfident the first time we took him out.  Fools, I tell you, we were fools.  

The very first time we took him out was the first weekend he was with us.  We took him to church.  I figured it was going to be a cinch.  It was not.  And, we are Catholic.  We have a "cry room" where we can take the children when they are restless and still participate in the Mass.  It was still a disaster.  Ronnie told me later that he could hear him crying all the way near the front where he was sitting, waiting for us.  When it came time to go to Communion, that little man decided he did not want to walk.  He turned into the Jello Boy - Jello Boy on a hot August afternoon.  He melted to the floor.  So, I carried him.  He was a heavy li'l guy even then.  Not only that, he was about half as long as I am tall.  Ay Chihuahua.  He struggled, cried, threw himself back.  Geez.  And, like a fool in denial, I wore heels.  Ronnie could not give me any relief because of his knees.  If the image seems funny to you, it really was.  If the image seems humiliating and sad, it really was.  Haha!

We made it a long way from the day he arrived to the day he left.  This series shows Ronnie "stealing his nose", teaching him "Bah" and them just holding hands.  Love.

Our hooligans.  Milo on the left and Mija-Bella on the the right.  Ronnie named her Mija, which is a Spanish term of endearment for daughters or little girls in general.  Our grandchildren came to town and quickly liberated her from the name Mija and bequeathed her the name Bella.  Hence, Mija-Bella.  Milo is sweet and fiesty, shy and loving, barky.  Mija-Bella is gentle-hearted yet wild, soulful yet wild, wildly intelligent yet wild.  You get it?  She is strong too!  But, dang we love her.  We love Milo too.  I didn't want to.  They both came along too soon after Jake's passing.  Too soon for Maggie Mae to be the head dog in charge as long as she deserved to be in charge.  But they are definitely our Babies now.

Milo playing "Cat-Dawg".

My incredible, incredible husband.  Don't get me wrong...I gripe at him, I make rude faces at him, I roll my eyes at him...I ride his ass more than I tell him or anybody else how incredible he is, but let me just say it again...My incredible husband.

A rare afternoon at the beach.  It was still early in the year and pretty chilly out there, but I was determined to go because it is so easy for us to let the days pass with out doing anything or without going anywhere.  It's too late, or too far, or gas costs too much to waste just to visit the beach, or I'm tired....  We have a jillion excuses not to do some things.  This day excuses didn't get in the way.  We are going back VERY SOON!!!

Along the same lines, my brother and his family live just a few minutes from us.  We rarely visit.  My cousins live about 20 minutes from us.  They visit a lot, us...rarely.  I guess we have become complacent.  But, this past Saturday this Li'l Lady, my cousins grand-daughter, had a birthday party and we attended.  Oh.em.gee.

That's it for now!


Msgr. Morgan Rowsome