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The good ol' days...are today

Warning:  this is one of those blog posts that starts with, "When I was a kid...."

When I was a kid...

...Mom, Dad and I would drive to the Stafford/Sugar Land/Missouri City area in Houston to visit my dad's cousin and his family - Pete, Bertha and Joey.  Ahhh, those were fun trips, spur of the moment many times.

Pete, Bertha and Joey were city folk.  Oh, how my 11 - 15 or 16 year old mind romanticized their life as suburbanites. 

Pete worked in the city, was a golfer, handsome and charismatic. 

Bertha...oh Bertha.  She was so hip and happening, a bundle of fun, full of energy, a laugher and a shopper!  Whoop! 

Joey, eight or nine when our visits started, was the classic boy.  He was into all the sports, mischievous and hilarious. They all still live in the area and now Joey even has a family of his own. 

Not only did we go there, but they came here to BC too.  But my favorite memories are of the things we did in "the city". 

One thing we did quite often was going out to eat and one of our favorite places to eat was Lopez Mexican Restaurant

Fun times.

But, as so often happens, life changed and those visits dwindled down to nothing. 

One thing did remain constant, though...Lopez Mexican Restaurant.

My brother and sister-in-law have been wanting to take Mom back to this place - the place it is today.

So, it was agreed we would all celebrate Mom and Pam's birthdays there.

It has definitely changed.  First off, it moved.  Only about a block a way from where it used to be, though. 

It was a great meal and a great afternoon.


It was a great ending to an actually really good week. 

I am looking forward to a repeat this week!

Clean the kitchen

A weird combination