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Wowza!  It has been a little chilly and drizzly again today.  One of those hibernation days.  One of those days I love to curl up under the covers and watch Hallmark movies all.day.long.

We actually had big plans for today.  My youngest niece got married today!

Those are all my nieces and nephews.  All brothers and sisters.  Luckily, they don't read this blog because they don't really like that picture.  Don't tell them I posted it. 

Anywho...there was a wedding today and we were going, but my Mama had a dizzy spell today.  It doesn't happen too often and it normally passes pretty quickly...but not today.

I knew it was a bad spell when Ronnie offered to take her breakfast tacos and she accepted.  She never wants to inconvenience anyone so when she said yes, I knew she could not make breakfast herself.

So while the rest of our family was on their way to the par-tay, we went and scooped up my mama and brought her to our house.  We gave her some food, made her laugh, watched a movie.  She took a nap and now she is on the road to recovery!  Feeling steady as she goes!

Thanks be to God!

While she napped we sat here in our cozy little home, safe from the drizzle and potential goose bumps.

I read blogs and ate some of these...

That is a horrible picture, but I Love those OLoves!

I'm noticing a trend in that all our plans in the last two weeks have been pre-empted!  As long as everyone is healthy and safe and happy, I don't give a hoot.  I can adapt.

So on this chilly, drizzly, second day of January I give thanks.

I give thanks that...

...my Mama feels better,

...my niece got hitched,

...we still have one more day of rest

...and for the opportunity to return just a smidgen of the care my mama has given me all my life.

Thank you, sweet Jesus.








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