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Stained wood and a renovation time line

That's right...Casa Causpanic Renovation, Phase II.  Could life get any better?  haha.  The "Our To Do List" page of our blog clearly indicates that there are still tasks to be completed from our first reno.

Not to worry, though...we will be completing a few of those things in Phase II. 

We actually hadn't planned on a Phase II, but it has become necessary.  The roof to our 30+ year old building has a leak in the back section.   The leak has stained the ceiling in the dining room and the bedroom.  Not only that, but the 30+ year old exterior is pretty much horrendous at this point.

So, in Phase II we will:

  • Replace the roof.
  • Replace/paint the exterior siding, facia boards and soffits.
  • Replace/paint sheetrock in back area (dining room and sleeping area).
  • Rebuild the a/c closet and clean a/c unit.  This includes replacing the disgustingly dirty looking door.

If the budget allows, we will:

  • Replace the flooring throughout.
  • Add base boards and crown molding.
  • Either add more shelving to the dining room and Ikea Pax wardrobes to the bedroom or build a pantry and closet
  • If we build a pantry and closet this will allow for us to take the current pantry and turn it into a small gun closet and a much needed small storage closet in Mom's "room".

We are thinking it will take the end of January and all of February to have the roof and exterior done.  It would be a bit aggressive to think we could finish the rest in the month of March but I think the middle of April is a realistic estimation.

And honestly, we are already a week behind on this part of the reno. 

Why?  Well, let me tell you.

We have a flat roof, so we are using the Duro-Last roofing system.  One thing I love about this system is that the metal flashing will be replaced with a vinyl overlap.  In order to have the vinyl overlap done correctly, the fascia boards first needed replacing.

We hired what we think will be a great contractor.  They wanted to start right away and get fascia boards replaced quickly.  They were gung-ho.  They ripped wood off and started to replace. 

Only two problems:

1.  I want the fascia boards stained - I have been in love with stained wood, I think, since my dad made some stained wood light covers for the home in which all my childhood memories were made.  I think stained fascia boards (among a few other things) will add some much needed character to our exterior.


2.  Rain - We knew it was coming.  We just didn't believe it. :)

As far as the wood, the guys thought they could just wipe on the stain, wipe off the stain and put the boards up...before it started raining.


That process did not allow the stain to reach the depth of color that we expected/wanted. 

Hmmm....do we get a darker stain?  Do we go with the stain as they were doing it even though we did not like it?  Do we take the time ourselves and use the process that has been successful for us in the past?

As we were pondering those questions the rain and a cold front rolled in.  

The spots on that young man's shirt are big ol' raindrops.  So we put a tarp on the wood and left things as they were.

(Gosh, there is a lot of work to be done.)

That was hard and disappointing, but to be expected when starting a reno in the dead of winter.

So, what did we decide on for the wood?

Next post my friend, next post.

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