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Lookee what I found

I am about tired of all this sitting!

Then again, once this day is over it is back to the grindstone of work.  I don't mind work.  I really love my job.  I just love being in this little haven of ours (yes, the same one about which I am always complaining).

Mama just went home.  If you read yesterdays post you know she was not feeling well, but she is much better today. 

Today is the last Sunday of the regular professional football season so we have been glued to the TV keeping up with our faves.

But on to the reason for this post!

Ronnie and I took a little trip to Port Aransas for our anniversary last September.  It never fails...he says he has booked us a place to stay and for some reason I get this picture in my mind of some spa resort. 

My idea of "spa resort" somehow translates to  "backwoods lodge" in Ronnie's head.  Only this time we were going to the beach so...he found the Beach Lodge.

It actually is a pretty neat place.  If we had luxury lodging we probably would have spent a whole lot less time on the beach.

We arrived late on a Sunday afternoon.  We checked in and checked out the digs.

There was one queen "mattress" and one twin.  I say mattress because that is all it was on top of a cement box, basically.  But it was pretty comfy.  The A/C worked great.  There was a small sink area and a toilet and shower.  Everything we needed and nothing more.  lol.

But check out this view from our front door.

Yep, we went out our door, down a few steps and straight onto sand.  I really like how close we were to the beach.

We sat out there on the beach and just enjoyed the sunset and doing absolutely nothing. 

But, eventually, we had to head back to the room.

That picture is a little weird, huh.  It isn't a special effect either.  Enter Twilight Zone music.

The beach lodge is a one stop shop.  They have an open air restaurant and bar. 

I don't know - I guess I am just not used to eating outdoors...in the humid wind.  I did not enjoy the idea of eating there in the restaurant. 

But I was ok with drinking beer there. 

Well...actually...I had tea, but Ronnie had beer.

He had so much beer that he could not stop laughing when he farted out loud in the bar.  Sheesh.  It was pretty hilarious.  And then the fact that he got so tickled made me laugh even more.  We had fun!

Here is a terrible iPhone pic for verification.

We went back to the room and I searched the web for info on the Beach Lodge.  Bad idea.

I read reviews from a few years back and they were not good.  Apparently, they did a lot of cleanup since then because the place was clean, the linens were clean and I saw no bugs.  Believe me ... if there were bugs there, I would have seen them.

Eventually, I went to sleep. 

The next day was beautiful.  I wanted to get up early and watch the sunrise, but I just couldn't wake up.  I didn't want to waste the day sleeping, but I did sleep pretty late. 

The only thing that woke me was Ronnie's shuffling in and out, back and forth to the bar.  I had to get up and see what he was up to.  Coffee...that was all he was up to.

We showered, headed into town, had breakfast and wandered into this cool coffee bar.

I would move to Port A just to have coffee at this place every mid-morning and home made salted caramel gelato every afternoon.

Finally, we made it back to the Beach Lodge and the beach.


There were very few folks on the beach, which is how I like it, but we did see a wind surfer, runners, a guy about Ron's age trying to teach himself to surf....

We got some much needed sunshine and some very peace-filled moments.

It was the day of our anniversary, so there definitely was some mention of love.

And, well...there was this too.

What would an anniversary be without a trip to our favorite steakhouse in Corpus Christi?

It used to be named The Longhorn Steak and Ale.  It now goes by the Ol' Steakhouse Co.

I don't care what they call it as long as it is there.

I only took a picture of the bread and salad.

I guess you would actually call that an "after" photo :)

We generally don't eat bread, but we couldn't resist.

It was a great evening, a great anniversary and a great getaway, but eventually we had to go home.  So, we made one more stop to the coffee shop, took the ferry back to the mainland and headed home.

I love you Ronnie Ray!  Thank you for the honor of being your wife.


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