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A weird combination

Yes, it's a weird combination - cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, homemade sweet potato fries and sautéed shrimp - but it was darn good.

I concentrated on the shrimp because they were quite yummy. 

I marinated them in Coconut Aminos and lemon juice and a little salt and pepper, cooked them in coconut oil and basted them with a little butter. 

I wonder why my food pictures never look like the Pioneer Woman's pics??

Anyway, the other day my mom made us some home made sweet potato fries.  They have been my obsession ever since. 

I can't believe how fast they cook.  It is a little tough cutting them raw, but it is worth the effort.  Once they are cut we just throw them in a skillet in some coco oil.  If you let them cook a little extra long on one side they get the perfect amount of crispness.

So...that's all that's up here in the big BC. 

Tomorrow we head to Sugar Land to celebrate my Mom's birthday and my sister-in-law's birthday.


Y'all have a fun weekend!

The good ol' days...are today