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Happy Valentine's Day

It's I love you day.  I got exactly what I asked for.


Like most of our weekends, it has been a very laid back weekend..

We lazed around so long yesterday that we almost missed an invite to go eat bar-b-que with Christi and Mom in Blessing, Texas.  Who the heck wants to miss that??

We got this cool selfie on our way out.  The sun was just right.

We slept in today, but once I got out of bed I was on a mission. 

Mom came over and we cooked the things we have been eating quite a bit of lately.  We all  enjoyed it. 

What have we been eating a lot of lately, you ask?  If you have read this blog before, you know.

We ate shrimp marinated in lemon infused olive oil, sprinkled with a little fresh grated ginger and grilled in a little coco oil, roasted sweet potatoes with a little coco sugar and roasted pecans and bacon wrapped jalapenos. 

It was pretty delish.  We ate at the table, even.  We bought some tv trays for our Thanksgiving gathering and I am sure you can figure out where we have made a habit of eating.  We are going to change that though.

So...off the subject of Valentine's Day...a great thing happened the other day.  My boss gave me a little gift bonus.  He has done it once or twice before, usually when we finish taxes or a big project.  It's really sweet and he cant even begin to know what it means to me.

In the past, and this time too, he has said, "You and Ron go have a nice dinner."  Isn't that awesome??  I just feel so blessed. 

But...I didn't take Ronnie out to a nice dinner.  I did make him a nice one though.  Does that count? 

I used the money to buys some accessories for our bedroom.

It made me happy because ,hopefully, soon that bedroom will feel like the safe haven I want it to be.  A soft place to land after a long day.  A place for us to relax and pray and recall the blessings of the day and then just release the rest into God's hands.  A place to rejuvenate and prepare to do it all again the next day.  It has been a long time since we have had that.

So, that is it for our weekend and Valentine's Day. 

I pray everyone was blessed with love and hope today.

Thank you, Jesus.

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