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Talk About "Random"

Talk About "Random"

I always have a lot of random thoughts floating around in this head of mine.

They mostly relate to things I want to do here in the studio.  And...they change daily. 

They are everywhere, scattered, bountiful and sometimes crazy. 

Ronnie would use the word "scary".  Every time I say, "Babe...I've been thinking...", he gets a scared look on his face.  It's weird.

I seriously need to find a way to corral these thoughts and creativity. 

The pictures of our life in the last week are just as random as my thoughts.  This pictures goes back to Valentine's Day and it makes me laugh inside. 

Tom Selleck is in the background of my Valentine's day picture! 

I turned into a fourteen year old girl when I saw this picture.  I LOVE Tom, I mean, I used to LOVE Tom. 

Oh, ok.  I'm not fooling anybody.  I still love Tom.  I was so happy to see he was one of the actors in Blue Bloods.  Love that show. 

I had posters of Tom Selleck covering the walls of my small, childhood bedroom back in the 80's.  And now, finally, 20-30 years later (I won't say which) Tom and I have finally spent a Valentine's Day together, haha. 

My hubby took that picture.  I cracked up when I saw it.  He probably never even noticed. 

Sorry, Tom, I'm taken now.  Hang up that phone because I'm not going to answer :D.

As our contractors have been working outside, I have been conjuring up more projects in my head. 

We have several of the stained boards that we used as fascia boards left over.  At first we thought instead of cedar posts on the front we could just wrap the current iron posts with these left over boards but I've since been thinking I would like to run them along this wall.

Like this:

Then, I would put these dishes, currently in book cases, on them:

As well as these:

Then, I would move the book cases to the front room and put them here, on each side of the tv.

Which...that is kind of sad because it took me about four years to decide to put something on that wall.

Our living area has already changed at least twice since that photo was taken.  I just have a love of moving things around, making the space new, in a way.

See that "dresser-like" piece of furniture the tv is on?  My plan is to move that sucker to the back where the book cases were.

We could use the drawer space and it would be a great place to put the back room tv.

That way, we could still keep the bedroom "separated" from the dining, somewhat.

Whew!  I'm exhausted from moving all that furniture :)

This has been a week of exterior work!  Right on schedule, so far.

I had mixed feelings about them getting the siding off.

It just seemed so naked.

It seemed so much like an open invitation to varmints. 

"Calling all Varmints".  "Open, Open, Open".  Vacancy".

My brother even reminded me that I had said at one point that I wanted the siding taken down and put back up all in one day.  He said it was impossible.  I said, "I don't care I want it done!"

And, I did want it done that way, but...it wasn't.  They can only do what they can do.  But, I can still dream big.  If those dreams come true, then WHOOOP!  If not...I move on.

At least one side is closed in tonight. 

One night I even had visions of some yahoo removing the insulation and punching through the sheetrock to get in.  Ronnie assured me his gun has bullets and he is a good aim.  I went to sleep.

The wood aroma is heavenly. 

Two more steps from here.  That's a pretty tight seam.

AAAaaack!!  So excited!!

Quiet Time

Happy Valentine's Day