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Yet another week has passed.  Our small Texas town had a stormy start, but as the days progressed they got brighter and more and more beautiful. 

This is a great time of year in Texas.  It is still a bit cool, even chilly at night, but at the same time the daytime sun is turning up the notch on its beautiful, nurturing rays.  The warmth of those rays and the cool breeze brushing your skin...well, it is cleansing in some miraculous way.

It is that time of year when a person feels like something new is taking root, as if we have made it through the dark tunnel of winter out into the open space of possibility...Spring!

Yes...this time of year tells us anything is possible.  It tells us to plant our dream and watch it sprout and grow into reality.  It is as if God is saying, "Come out, let Me nurture you.". 

Sometimes, like this week, I tell God, "Oh, I would love to let you nurture me!  But, I have so much to do.  Let's get together later...maybe this evening?"  Then I pass the evening doing everything but letting God nurture me. 

  It is no wonder I have been complaining so much lately of being stressed out, tired, overwhelmed. 

Instead of waking and reciting "Good Morning, sweet Life," I've been waking reciting a to-do list.  Actually, I wake reciting three to-do lists: one for work, one for home and a want-to-do list. 

It's so easy to get wrapped up in those things.  It's so easy to let those things cloud up the joy of doing things for my family, the joy of having a wonderful job that is an exact fit for me...and I do mean a job weaved out of every dream I have had for a job.  It can cloud up the joy of the opportunity of repairing what needs repairing in our home and the joy of every little fun blessing that comes our way.

The key to getting that joy back for me is to remember that even when we are too wrapped up, even when we think nobody cares, even when we won't make time for Him, He knows what we need and he provides it. 

For me, today, He worked through my sweet, sweet husband.  Actually, I'm pretty sure He works through my husband more often than I think.

So this evening instead of complaining that I am tired or stressed I am going to plant a dream, pray until it takes root and give thanks and allow myself to receive God's nourishment as it grows into every good thing He has in store for us.

Good night, all.

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