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The story of a roof

Our roof is done!

I am so excited!  It only took a day!! 

Check out how bright those fascia boards look in direct sunlight in the phot above.  No editing on these.  I still see no grain, though.


They did end up coming back to do some finish work.

I know what you are thinking..."That is not a picture of a roof, Crazy Lady."

I wanted to get up on a ladder and take a picture of the actual roof, as we did not think to have the guys take a picture of it for us.

Ronnie gave me some lame excuse about not having a ladder that tall.

So, technically, it is just a picture of the fascia boards and the vinyl overlapping piece of our new Duro-Last roof!!  Whoop!

Dad built this building with the intention of building upward, according to my mom and my brother, so that is why it has a flat roof.

There are many occasions when I wish I could just have a few more minutes with my dad.  Of course all those "few minutes" would add up to days, but one of my questions would be, "what were you going to build up there?". 

I just cant help but wonder.  Was it going to be more Studio - another camera room? Maybe he was planning on a living area for himself and my mom.  Maybe a living quarters to rent out.  Who knows what was going through that creative mind of his.

This building came from my dad's heart, therefore, it is a huge part of mine.

It pains me that the building is in the shape it is in. 

But soon, it will be lovely again.  It isn't going to be Shock and Awe or anything.  It will at least be resistant to rodents, though, I hope.  I'm not saying we have rodents.  Then again, I'm not saying we don't. But, if we did, this building will soon be resistant to possible said rodents.

And...it will be resistant to leaks because of our Duro-Last roof!

I sure hope it is as great as it sounds.  It is said to be extremely durable, watertight, highly reflective, resistant to chemicals, fire and high winds, and virtually maintenance-free. 

That sounds perfect to me. 

So, now we have that done.  We will be moving to the siding next.  If I have my way we will get the wind storm inspector called tomorrow and the contractor and material set up for Monday.   Johnny, our contractor, and his guys can tear off some siding Monday morning, the inspector can come by and we will be well on our way!



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