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Monday Miscellany

Monday Miscellany

Ha!  Every post at CC seems to be mostly miscellany. 

Oh well...let the miscellany begin!! 

What better way to start than with some photos of Milo?!

I've been trying to give him a hair cut, but he's not having it.  We have never taken him to a groomer and now it seems like an impossibility.  He doesn't even like us picking him up, much less a stranger.  I just see it as an unnecessary stress for the little guy.  So, I grab a piece here and there and clip.  Ronnie calls him little Coyote. 

Matagorda County had their annual Rodeo festivities a couple of weeks ago.

We had tickets to the rodeo, but we did not go.  It is one of those things we have to get to early so we can find a good parking space so Ol' Dawg doesn't have to walk so far with his bum knee. 

Since he worked the day we had tickets, it was an impossibility to get there early enough for all that. 

BUT...we did make it to the annual concert.  The Bellamy Brothers were the star attraction this year.

We once saw them at a 4th of July picnic when we lived in Dickinson.  It was the best evening.  Their music is just so laid back and enjoyable.  I would even say relaxing.  Something about it just makes me feel good.

Let's see...what else?  Oh yeah, we mended fences.

Oh wait...Pioneer Woman and her crew mend fences...we just put up a panel that the wind blew down.  And yes, I can actually say we.  I did help.  See that foot at the bottom of the right hand picture.  Yep, that's me.

Ronnie and I were all snuggled up watching a George Clooney movie.  It was the first time in a long, long time that it seemed like we were truly relaxing like we used to relax.  It was short lived.  We were all comfy and just getting into the meat of the movie when we heard this loud noise.  Yep, the fence fell.  It didn't take long to fix it though.

I gotta say, though, I'm glad I don't live on a ranch.

We have been eating out so much lately, but I did manage to cook a couple of days. 

This is a photo where I try to recreate the ranchero sauce from Lopez Mexican Restaurant.

My ranchero sauce had more sauce than theirs, but hot dog it was good!  I usually don't like my sauce pepper hot and even though I only put one pepper w/no seeds, this was HOT.  But, I really liked it.  Ronnie liked it too.  Then again, he is so sweet, he never complains about my cooking.  So, who knows.  Maybe it was good...maybe it wasn't.  I am pretty sure it was delish, though.

Milo and Bella get a little home cooking every day that Ronnie is home from work.

My husband is so kind and thoughtful.  Not only does he make those dogs scrambled eggs, but he also tops them off with a milk bone!  Milo eats all his eggs first and saves the goody for last.  Too adorable...all three of them!

Apparently, there has been some napping going on in this here studio.  Like I always say, "two sleepy heads are better than one".

I'm on vacation this week.  I don't even know how to act.  I keep feeling like I need to go into the office.  That is good and bad. 

For now I think I will fight the urge to go to work and join the boys in their nap.  :)


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