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Our Fixer Upper

Our Fixer Upper

It has been a while since I have posted anything about our Phase II Reno.

This was day one.

That was back in January.  This part of the reno took a month or two.  Rain kept hindering our progress. 

As previously posted, we replaced the roof with a Duralast roof.  In order to complete that we needed to first replace the fascia boards and soffits.  The whole exterior was in dire need of replacing, so...

...away with the old siding and in with the new.

Then came the paint.

Choosing paint for such a large area and for an area that seems so "permanent" is tough.  I'm not a good decision maker in the first place.

I love too many paint colors.  Calgon take me away!!

Eventually, I was forced to pick one. 

And the winner IS (insert drumroll)...Sherwin Williams Downing Stone.

We are typically "no frills" kinda people so it was quite a surprise when we added a little frill with some cedar posts.  It was a splurge and we originally decided against it. 

I am so glad Ronnie changed our minds.

This is an initial photo of our result.  Wish I had one without a ladder and paint paper and tape, but, I don't.  I bet that doesn't really surprise any one.

We still need to get a door. 

That is another one of those decision making things y'all. 

I gotta ponder it, you know, mull it over (ok, obsess over it). 

I will definitely post a pic when we get one.  Or, at least three months after it is installed.

Stay tuned for a post on our faux shiplap.  I love it!

Until then, y'all have a blessed rest of your week!

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