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2016 Holidays

Wow!  Today is January 1, 2017!


Man, that was fast...too fast.

I started decorating the week before Thanksgiving

My husband was a real champ about this.  Not only did he help here at home, he helped me with the decorations at the office, too.  Well...kinda. lol He mostly read the paper, but I was glad he and my mama were there with me.

Usually, I loath Ronnie's headgear, which he did not wear that day.  But...

...I did.  My hair was a mess. 

Then the whirlwind of Christmas functions began soon after Thanksgiving - work functions, church functions, you know what I'm talking about. 

I love them all!

My favorite thing we did this year was decorating my mom's yard and tree!  

I really wanted to cook a family dinner.  Plus, I had this vision that everyone was going to totally be gung ho and in the Christmas spirit.  It wasn't exactly as I pictured in my head.  It never is.  The landscape of my imagination is like a Norman Rockwell illustration.  Real life is rarely like that. 

Norman Rockwell version Real Life ended up with me having to work late and I still had not even gotten the decorations we were going to use.  So....we ordered pizza. 

It was pretty chilly and drizzly out so most everyone volunteered to work inside on the tree duty.  That was probably best - didn't want those little children missing any school.  Most every one ended up at least making an appearance outside.

Everyone put on a brave face, but it was difficult seeing as it had only been two months since my brother, their dad and PawPaw, had just passed two months previous.

But everyone did the best they could and my heart was full.

Second favorite thing...the Bay City Christmas Parade.

The weather was perfectly cold.  Ronnie did not get to go because he had to work and practically the whole city shuts down so most all the roads were already blocked by the time his shift ended.  Shoot, I barely even made it. 

I made some cookies and some La Abuela hot chocolate and headed over to my bestie's shop where we braved the cold to watch.

Easiest way ever to always have cookies on hand - make extra dough, roll it up in parchment paper or plastic wrap, freeze it and use as necessary.

Yeah...those aren't real snow flakes, but it seemed fitting.

I was so excited about my great-nephew walking in the parade with the Boy Scouts!  I kept an eye out for him but... basically missed him ;)

The bands played and Yves danced.

Nope, that isn't Ron as Santa there in the corner, although, I've always thought he would make a perfect Santa.

We enjoyed the season as much as we could.  Ronnie worked a lot, as did I.  It was rare for us to get home before 6:30 pm.  I really don't know how people work, commute, help with homework, cook, clean, wash clothes, bathe kids get them to bed and everything else they do in the 3-1/2 or 4 hours before bed time. 

We had a good Christmas.  Everyone got presents but nobody got the one thing they wished they could have.  There are just some things money can't buy. 

New Year's was fun.  We did a little something different.  We went out to eat with another couple. 

We had a really good time!  The conversation was good and the food was good.  I hope we can do that more in 2017.  We are kinda social morons, though.  I say that with love in my heart.  It's the truth, y'all. 

We came home to spend the rest of the evening with Mom, Milo and Bella.  A rousing game of high stakes poker kept us awake til midnight...barely :P

Ron got a flush in one hand and four of a kind in another.  I'm taking that as a good sign!

Good-bye 2016.  You were good to us.  We had one incredibly heartbreaking moment, but that moment could have come at least a few times before.  My heart longs to see my brother's sweet, charming, breath taking smile just one more time but I thank God for the many extra moments He gave us with my brother.

We really are blessed.  I have everything I need and more.  So, I say, "Welcome 2017!"  I greet you with much gratitude for family I love, friends I love, pets I love, a job made just for me I love, excellent bosses I love and a beautiful life I love.  I look forward to seeing all the great things you have in store for all of us!!

Happy New Year!

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Door to A Different Life