A guy walks into a restaurant...

No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

Y'all come on in.

It is a very ordinary, extraordinary life about which we journal.

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It's a Vlog Just for YOU!

Note:  If you are family and you decide to check out a few posts, careful with Door to A Different Life.  It's my account of last years heartbreak.  I just do not want it to catch you off guard.


Family and friends...we have a video! 

Watch it.  Then comment.

Am I being bossy? 

Sorry.  But do it.  And hurry!

It's pretty self explanatory.

Basically, we are going to try to keep up with our blog again and we really want y'all to be a part of it!.

We are going to try to keep in touch, entertain and harass you. 

Ok, ok...we won't harass you.

I have posted here and there.  Oh yeah...this blog format doesn't show the year on each post but if you go to the archives you can see when they were written.

I think the first one after this post is from this year.  The others go backwards from last year.  I'm sure you know that, but just in case.

So subscribe to our rss feed and our YouTube channel and our Instagram both of which are under casacauspanic.

I know..."what the heck are we doing"??? 

It was fun!  How many of you have seen my hubby laugh that much???

And just for the record...it's the name I don't like...Mamaw. 


I say we vote on a serious grandma name.

And YES!  I know I spelled terrier wrong. 

Ok...so make sure to comment so we know you visited!

And be on the lookout for new posts and vlogs!

We love y'all!

2016 Holidays

2016 Holidays