Sundown to Whiteface

The big move---19 miles---another adventure---new friends--new place to live and all out on the Plains where the wind blows free and everything with it, literally

Whiteface Texas, about the same size town as Sundown--Dad got a head coach job there and it was all new--new school ---4th grade---new teachers--kids and places to roam.

A tornado had hit Whiteface sometime before we moved there---there was still evidence of the destruction. A slab where there had been a  house---if I remember correctly----it seems like we were supposed to move into that house.  Really--- a 2x4 stickin' out of a telephone post and straws too. Found out years later---some kinda weird pressure opens up the poles and things become lodged in those openings.

We lived in I guess a rent house--pretty close the the edge of town.  A little stucco, 2 bedroom house on a big lot---all lots were big back then---or seemed to be. Seems  to me that all that grew in our yard was "goatheads". Tough little stickers that actually looked like goatheads. Fill the bottom of a tennis  shoe--- rat quik---we were supposed to take our shoes off at the door cause the thorns would scratch up the floor. If in  the morning you got up and your bike didn't have a flat----miracle. We had a little grass in the front yard that I got to mow---remember the  old push mowers with the blades that turned as you pushed---I DO.

There were so many friends that I made there in Whiteface, I sometimes think about them and wonder what they are doing now---whether they are still around ---above ground.  Went to school with them from 4th to 7th grade. There were several that lived on my street--Terry Tubbs---we hit it off good--he was a year or 2 older but we had a lot of the same interest---Indians---think his family was part Indian---of the north American type---anyway we searched the area for arrow heads and anything we could fine regarding Indians---he knew places where arrow heads had been found and we would walk miles searching with our heads down and we did find some. Some were just pieces but to us they still held some history and probably had a story---we had a vivid imagination.

Then there was the McCoy boys---Mike and Johnny---Mike was older so Johnny and I would terrorize the neighbor hood with our games of cowboys and Indians---I always wanted to be the Indian---sneakin up on the cowboy. We all had toy guns---rifles - pistols and such and made the sound of the gun goin off with our voices---should a heard what came out of some. We had a grand ole time---free to roam the whole town--nobody bothered us as we played wherever. Sad to say----times have changed.

Then there was Joe Rhodes, Stubby Whittinberg, Otis Summers, Jerry Worley and a bunch more---OLD DAWG havin a hard time rememberin'---been a long time.

About this same time another PIB came along---Carla K---she was a miracle baby---not sure cause can't remember----I don't ---story is Mom had surgery while carrying Carla---the carrying place--the womb--was removed---surgery performed--put back in place and later hatched. Guess thats why she's so stubborn--HA!.  I cannot corroborate that story---like I said, I don't remember---but that is what Memaw and Papa said.

Don't remember a lot about the early years of my sisters--- I DON'T---cause I was busy being a boy---didn't have time for little girls I guess.

About this time was when Mr Disney came out with "Davy Crockett"---man I'd rather take a whippin' than miss Davy---the show put a new light on my frontiersman wanna-be life. Oh failed to mention---we had one of the first TV's on our block----my buds would come down after school and we'd hit the floor to watch the Cowboy shows or whatever was on the tube.  Course all was in black n white and picture was not always clear but we were hooked. I was a big fan of the Disney Mouseketeer shows and was instantly in love with Annette Funicello (sp)--who wasn't? -- and Doreen---strange I can remember those names--HA!. There were the cartoons---Felix the Cat, Bugs Bunny and many others. Howdy Doody was another favorite--and the westerns---Lone Ranger and Tonto, Buster Crabb--Lash Larue, Whip Wison, Wild Bill Hickock, Sky King, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy---man I could go on 'n on but I think you get the point. These TV shows and what we saw at the picture show lead to many a  good time playin' cowboys 'n Indians--recreating the shows as we went along and adding our own ideas. Then there were the war shows---cause we had to play war---dug fox holes in the yard-- dirt clods were grenades cause they kinda exploded when they hit something---we had vivid imaginations back then. Kids nowadays are glued to TV and video games---never hear of, or see kids playin' cowboys and Indians or army. The Good Old Days


Christmas Eve Par-tay Recap

Note:  Music from the Elf soundtrack

After reading review after review and watching youtube videos, I decided on my camera for it's high definition video capabilities and really good reviews.  I have to say, I have taken two videos and I am not happy with either.  It may be that there was not enough light when the video was shot.  Therefore, I won't tell you what kind it is yet, until I'm sure it isn't "operator error".  So, anyway, instead of getting mad and fighting it, I worked with it.  I think the black and white effect works well w/the quality of the video.  Can I just say how much in love I am with my great-niece and great-nephews???!  Anyhow....

Well, I gotta tell ya...the past few days have been "couch potato" days.  We have done very little.  Its been very chilly outside.  Whenever we think we might like to get out and do something, we let the dogs out, feel the cold and change our mind.  I must put this in perspective, though...we are in Texas, so it isn't like snow is piling up outside or even a little ice, haha.  As I write this, Mom and I are watching old Martha Stewart shows (love them!) and Ronnie is taking a nap after a serious case of the "head bobs" while trying to read his new book, The Confession, by John Grisham.  Basically, we have just been winding down from the chaos excitement of Christmas.

Oh, the excitement of Christmas!  I mentioned in the Holiday Traditions entry that the Castillo side of the family always gets together on Christmas Eve.  It was the same this year and it was great.  I Believe when everything else in the world and our lives are changing, it's the family traditions that keep us grounded.   

There were a couple of traditions that we consciously let go.  I am happy to report that there was NO wrapping on Christmas Eve.  I finished it all the day before! Yea!   In the past I have tried to keep up the tradition we had with Chris of going out for nachos.  This year I did not.  In a way it was sad, but it was ok.  I think this year I came to terms with letting that one go.  I guess it was mostly a way to make myself feel as if he was still here.  But, I guess really, it was just a source of sadness as it was a sore reminder that he is not here.  So, I let go.  I came to terms with the fact that letting go of the traditions doesnt mean he is in my heart any less or that we love him any less.  Plus, all the Mexican food places were already closed! (didnt leave me much of a choice, huh?)  So, We ate bar b que sandwiches at moms house instead.  Talk about doing something different.  Mom and I did random things - we went to the cemetery and put some poinsettias for Dad and Chris, went to CVS to buy batteries, went to Green Bros. to try to find a last minute gift for Ronnie and then finally back home to make Olive Balls for the party.  I will make a post soon in case you are looking for a good little somethin' somethin' to take to a New Years Eve get together.

Finally, the time came to head over to Jeff and Melissa's house.  Yee haw - food, family and funpresents!  We had a really good time visiting with everyone and watching the children open their gifts!  The food was delicious...chicken salad on croissant, three different types of chicken wings, 7 layer dip, bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos, chips, cookies, mm mmm mmm. 

Just to put it pictures of the evening suck.  Many of the blogs I read suggest using only natural light for photos, so, I keep trying it.  Luckily, I took a few with the flash.  I will continue to do that till I figure out my camera and the techniques.  Geez.  So, again, sorry about the not so great pics.  Chris used to say that Dad passed on his carpentry skills to Leo as a trade, photography to him as a trade and that he just didn't have enough time to pass a trade on to me.  Meanie, haha.  He was funny and right, it seems!A few of the beautiful women in our family

Baby boy and his favorite blanket

Baby Girl "making" chocolate milk.

Aw, sweet!

My sweet, sweet husband. Muah!

He learned how to dip from Dancing with the Stars

One of our handsome great-nephews that didnt want his picture takenOur other handsome great-nephew. He is a runner.Oh, how I love that face! 


Can you make my helicopter fly? Poor baby thought the remote to his Tonka truck would work on his helicoptor

Lookey what Iwe got from my niece, the boy with my favorite name (you can read about them here) and Drake!  Very sweet!  Especially from a couple of Longhorn fans.  tsssssss.

We came home that night and Mom came with us.  It was a nice Christmas morning...

Ol' dawg is pretty creative, isnt he?

Ronnie got the new John Grisham book and Mom got an electric throw, since its always so cold in here.  Later, Mom helped me chop stuff for the dressing and we had a good dinner of ham, dressing, sweet taters and green bean casserole.  All in all it was a good day, but I have to admit...I really missed the few hours we normally spend with the rest of our family when we eat dinner together.  This is also the first year we have not had Christmas with the Smethers kids and grand kids before Christmas.  All I can say is...

We definitly missed that visit.  Hopefully, we will get to see them soon after the New Year!

Speaking of New will be a busy weekend. So, if we don't post between now and then...Happy New Year!!!! from Casa Causpanic.  Thank you so much for spending some of your valuable time visiting our little blog.  We look forward to seeing you more after the new year.  Be on the lookout because I think there will be projects-a-plenty!

Christmas Week

Merry Christmas!  I know, I's almost over but I hope you and your families had a blessed day full of peace, joy, love and happiness.  Did you get everything you wanted?  Did the children wake you up before the crack of dawn?  Do tell...we would love to know.

We had a busy week leading up to Christmas.  Monday was my brother's, birthday. 

He's a handsome devil, huh?  And he is a strong booger and we were VERY happy to head to Bay City to celebrate 50-somethin' years with him and his family.  We have more of a "give you a hard time" relationship than a "lovey dovey" one, but I know he loves me and I sure hope he knows how very much I love him.  I cant wait to get to Bay City so I can show him a few things about catching fish!! :D

Pam made enchilada casserole and rice, Mike made beans a la charra and Leo made homemade tortilla chips.  It was all delicious and my brother being the "up with the trends"simple kind of guy he is, he requested cupcakes to top off his dinner.  We hung out for a while, met his new puppy Smokey, played with Alex and the twins for a while and even watched part of a movie with the kiddos before we had to leave.  Hope it was a Happy Birthday for you Brother.

We had another showing one day this week.  Actually, they scheduled one, but we don't think they ever came, which is a bummer because it was a two hour time frame, between 5:30 and 7:30, that we we had to be out of the house.  Kinda messes up the evening.  Usually, they will call and cancel, so maybe they did come, I dunno. 

Of course, we had some shopping to finish up this past week, also, so with all the traffic in town, that took a whole day.  But finally, Christmas Eve arrived.  Hope you will come back for a visit for that post!  We sure thank you for stopping in!!

Season of Miracles

Since this is the season of miracles, I though I would introduce you to Courtney and Zane at Project Pretty.  Normally, this blog is about design, but recent posts have centered on this very young couple's unexpected journey.  It is a story of faith and love.  This link is to just one of the first posts in their journey, but you can click on this link and it will direct you to this amazing couples entire journey.

This story is a true testement to the power of prayer and the power of faith and love.  My prayers are with them, as I know yours will be when you read their story.

More night fishin'

Was lolligagin' around the house---trying to get motivated to make the drive to Bay City---1 1/2 hrs --Leo said after the norther---well its after-- wantin' to, but the drive---ugh!!----Michael---nephew--- called, asked if I was comin' ---yep---had some business to take care before I could get on the road---called again--said they are on their way---ok---"meet ya'll there". Business plus a little grocery shoppin---sandwiches---load up and on my way.

Uneventful drive----saw a few deer---Little Girl is constantly on my a$$----KEEP UR EYES ON THE ROAD---but its my nature to look under the trees-down the right-a-ways for deer and other varmints. So a road trip without my " drivin' instructor " is sometimes a treat.

Anyway---after a late start---in Bay City about 9PM---rececived a call from Leo---bro-in-law----bring coffee---catchin fish---com'on. Mcdougals---fresh coffee---headed to 521 bridge--Colorado River. Found em' settin' in the truck--fish quit bitin'?---no just warmin' up---heck its only 35-40 degrees out---no wind---not too bad.

Got to fishin' --they still bitin'---hooked one my 3rd cast---continued catchin'--keepin' and releasin' til about 12AM or so and Leo said time to wrap it up----big'uns not bitin'---wound up with close to 30 keepers----got to be 15"+ to keep em----limit 10 per person.

This is my "go to bait " for nite fishin'-- Creme swimming shad-- weighted and gets out there with little effort--with a  Shimano Sahara spinnin' reel and the American Rodsmith 7' medium action rod it gets the job done-----Leo and Mike like the tandem rigs--thats with 2 soft plastic grubs or shrimp tails. I prefer one bait---why--don't know---works for me.

Can't wait til the next norther blows thru---drives the fish into the deep water in the river---Colorado empties into the Gulf down by the town of Matagorda and even up where we were fishin' its saltwater and affected by the tides. The fish will travel to warmer, deeper water and we use lights ran by a generator to attract bait and this attracts the trout---sometime even redfish.

Come on NORTHER. 

"The Christ of Christmas"

This has been a wonderful time preparing for the coming of baby Jesus.  Of course there is a lot of lights and decorating and parties, but there is also daily reflection, prayer, scripture and rememberance about the most precious Gift of Christmas.  

We attend the Catholic church, but my brother and sister-in-law (Leo and Pam) attend the First Pentecostal Church in BC and we are often invited to their church events.  Even though we do not worship in the same house we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  I cannot tell you how many times their church family has been right there by our side in difficult times.  They are our "family" too and we so enjoy attending as many of the invitations extended to us as we can. 

Last week we had the pleasure of attending their Christmas program.  The program included powerful visual reminders of the events leading to the birth of Christ accompanied by the beautiful voices of their choir.

But, this years program was especially touching because Rev. Moore and his family truly experienced a miracle recently.  Rev. Moore and Mrs. Moore were attending a conference in Houston when he fell ill.  He knew whatever was wrong was serious and at 4 a.m. Mrs. Moore drove him straight to the hospital.  He was right and thanks be to God that they were in a metropolitin area where they could receive the best care because Rev.  Moore had massive pulmonary embolisms (blood clots) in both lungs and severe blood clots in his leg.  As he recalled the experience to us he told us of how each doctor working with him told him things like, "You are lucky to be alive" or "you're lucky to be here right now" three in all!  But Rev. Moore was quick to point out that it had nothing to do with luck.  He stated it boldly, clear and was a MIRACLE.  Although we are not members of that church community, we are very grateful this inspiring man and his family are still able to spread the word and love of God through their ministry to the people of BC and every one whose lives they touch! 

It's evident that the peace, happiness and willingness to serve the Lord that we have seen and felt in this church community has been fueled even more by this miracle.  It is in their smile, their eyes, their touch...and it is in the song they sing. 

Being new to blogging and recording the events of our lives, I did not have the proper equipment to record this memory properly.  A 1gb card ain't enough.  Of course, I went to the program with the narrow minded idea of only filming Baby Boy and Baby Girl, but from the first note of the first song I immediately wished I had enough memory to record everything.  But, I wanted to share what I do have, the kiddos were so cute!   Stay tuned to the end for a special song from all of the children! 




Deck the Halls...or the Mantel

Hey You!  Hope everything is going well over in your part of the world!  All is well here, but we have been such busy bees or poor time managers.  In our defense, though, we have been on the road some, also.   

It's funny.  In October we were very optimistic about selling our "dream on, baby" optimistic.  We were so sure we would be in BC by Christmas we even went ahead and took the Christmas decorations over there.  As I posted previously, Ronnie grabbed them on one of his trips to BC.  But, once we took everything out there was still a few things missing.  Just some glittery poinsettias and glittered eucalyptus leaves and other accessories, but we just could not think back to last year and where we put those few things or even in what we put them away.  We knew they would be in a little box because it was just a few items, but put our finger on it...we could not.  Of course, once we gave up looking for them, they the garage...somewhere.  

I digress.  Okay, now the results of our little projects.  Crafting really is fun!  And, it really doesn't have to be expensive!  I was very happy that we did would not have to spend a dime on the tree decorations.  I had spent about five bucks on Dollar Tree 2/$1 tree embellishments to use to dress up our green garland, but did use them for the tree when our other embellishments went AWOL.  Thanks to my sweet hubby for all his help with the tree.  His choosing to decorate the bottom part on the tree was a little questionable, though, since I am 4' 6" and he is 6' 1", but I'm definitely not complaining!

Don't you love digging into the Christmas decoration boxes and re-discovering all the junk decorations that have accumulated over the years?  A lot of times one might get into those boxes and think, "Goodwill...trash...Goodwill...".  But sometimes if you look at them with an open mind you can change them up as your tastes change.  I was happy to find these decorations and decided I could make them fit into our red and gold theme with a can of gold spray paint: 


My favorite way to decorate is with garland everywhere...on the mantel, surrounding the fireplace, in the windows....   But, when I tried that in this house, it just didn't feel right.  So this year I tried something a little different.  First, we changed out mirrors.  Rae, you may recognize this is the one you gave us but we painted it all gold.  The Martha Stewart inspired poinsettia wreath looks nice with it and it really "lightened" up the mantel, weight wise and color wise.  The Gold Nutcrackers helped lighten it up some too.  Those guys really added a lot of bang for very little buck!  I love the sparkle in the little gold trees, especially at night.  The little bit of light in the room reflects off the glitter.  It's like having my own stash of diamonds and gold.



Well, that's it for our decking the halls!  We had a good time getting things together and a differing opinion here and there, but it's done.  Now, we can concentrate more on enjoying the Reason for the Season!

What about you all?  Are you all done decorating?  Any favorite decorations you just cant let go?  Doing ok with holiday stress?  We sure hope so, but if not, come back tomorrow or the day after with a cup of hot chocolate and check out our post on the Christmas program we attended at the First Pentecostal Church in BC.  Hint:  there will be videos of precious little children singing.  Once you see those you will say, "Stress who?"  It is a program you will surely want to check out next year if you live in the area and/or seek out something similar in your area.  Looking forward to seeing you then!

Dickinson Parade

Ronnie and I went to the Dickinson parade this year.  The weather was just perfect - cold, but not so cold we couldn't enjoy our time outside.  All of the floats were really pretty and I cannot emphasize enough how much Christmas spirit was around.  It was the most incredible feeling hearing the people in the parade hollering, "MERRY CHRISTMAS".  Not only that, but when I realized everyone watching the parade was hollering it back to them, I couldn't even say anything because I was so choked up (that has been happening a lot lately.  I'm like a faucet with a leak...don't ask me why...I don't know).  It was just beautiful!


Lots of people had plastic bags prior to the start of the parade.  I didn't think much of it.  Later we realized that candy would be thrown from the floats to the children watching.  The poor little guy next to us had to work really hard for his candy, but he didn't mind.  And when the floats with music came along he and his older brother just naturally started shaking their boodies!  They were pretty good dancers.  

The Grinch was there.  He hopped out of his little cart and gave everybody "five".  I was using a new camera and did not get a good picture of him during the parade, but wouldn't you know we were leaving the parade we somehow ended up behind his little cart.  Yep, we stalked him all the way back to the starting point of the parade so we could get a better picture.  He was so nice about it and very accommodating. 

It was an awesome evening!

On another note...look what we found in our tater sack! 

It is too cute to cook. It’s a heart! We are going to take it with us to BC and plant it in our new yard so we can grow love...and taters, should we ever get there. Hope it’ll stay good that long. Any ideas on how to preserve a potato for future planting??  

So what about you, our very much appreciated readers?  Have you attended any fabulous Christmas parades or parties or plays?  We hope you will link some pictures and let us share in your joy!  


Little Girl said---you don't always have to write about the "Musings of an Ol'dawg" so here we go. What is the definition of "musings"---"memories"?

I remember---I Don't---somebody told me I'm sure----Daddy Ernie---my Grandad---never ate out to much--except at gatherin's--reunions--things such as that. Went to a resturant with probably my Dad---orderin' breakfast and lady asked him---how do you like your eggs?----he said "I like em".

Visitin' some friends---they had just got new washer and dryer set-----Daddy Ernie said---Ya'll got one like that don't you Ronnie---I said ---yep----but yours bakes biscuits don't it----yeah it does---my buddy went and told his Mon---Ronnie's got a dryer like ours but it bakes biscuits.

Dominos---had a big kitchen table in the dining room---but NO!!!---they set up the  card table in the living room where the  TV was----Aunt Ruby and Uncle Vanie would come over-- or Mae and Leroy Jones---cuzzins----wanted to watch TV---have you ever tried to watch TV when there was some domino shufflin' goin' on. Every few minutes Mama Fronie would be tellin' me to turn it down---I'd sneak over n turn it up. MAN!!

Me and the dog Penny at the tank fishin' one day---Daddy Ernie was there was trackin' bees----bees come to water and take it to their hive---had to do with building the hive or something----anyway Daddy Ernie had  eagle eyes when it came to bees---he'd watch em land---watch em fly off and get an idea as to which way the were goin' and follow the line of flight to the hive-----so intent on fishin' didn't see him come back from his trackin' ----think he was hidin' but don't know for sure-- he was a big practical joker----heard this growlin' noise---couldn't figure out where it was comin' from and lit out to the house----Mama Fronie saw me comin' said one minute I was ahead of the dog and then he was ahead of me. Laughed her self into a tizzy when I told her what was goin' on---gave Daddy Ernie a what far for scarin' me.

One time a game warden came to the house ----was gonna check the tank to see about stockin' some fish in it---asked for Daddy Ernie and Aunt Erna Lee told him he was at the neighbors settin' some fish traps. OOOOPS! Said he just smiled and said he'd be back later. Times have changed.

Ted my big ole Collie dawg loved to chase rabbits---as I said earlier we had plenty of rabbits around---a little Whippet showed up at our house and we kinda adopted it---we thought it was a minature Greyhound---looked just like one---anyway we were out playin' in a pasture and Ted jumped a jackrabbit---off he went and seconds later the little Whippet flew by him like he was standin' still---he was so dumb founded he actually stopped---you could almost read the expression on his face-----damn---what the hell was that---me an my buddies were laughin' at his look. Man came by lookin' for the Whippet one day---beleive Ted was releived--got rid of the competition.

Had an old paint horse---called her Paint--imagine that---she was cross between a Welsh and a Shetland--not a big horse----anyway Kenny and I were ridin' one day and stopped at the house for a drink---Kenny mounted up first and I sneaked up and grabbed Paint in the flank and she started buckin' and a jumpin---Kenny was hollerin' ---STOP---WHOA ---WAIT A MINUTE  and me on the ground laughin'.

Down at a tank fishin' with cuzzin's Butch and David--- Butch had a pain---#2 and said he had to go to the  house---said what for----no paper---use leaves---works for me---made a mistake and used bull nettles---can you imagine----for u city slickers, bull nettles have little thorns and seems like your on fire -sting like crazy. Make sure of the brand of leaves your gonna use.

Out in the feed lot one day and decided to rope a steer Daddy Ernie was feedin' out to butcher----bout 250-300 pounds--drug me through every cow pile in that lot. Dint rope no more steers.


Christmas Crafts

We have been trying really hard to get our Christmas decorations up.  My hat is off to those of you who actually get your decorations up the week of Thanksgiving.  Oh, how I aspire.  But, here it is December 11th and we are just now finalizing our decorations.  Which, that is actually ok since we wait until the Epiphany to take them down. 

The web is chock full of inspiration for Christmas crafts.  The first place I usually look to is

Love this Ribbon Poinsettia Wreath 

 So I made this one...

Now, I went to one of the major craft stores to buy the materials necessary to make this wreath.  The Styrofoam wreath forms were $3.99 and up. 

Normally, I wouldn't care, but we are really trying to find the best deals possible now-a-days, so I went to the trusty Dollar Tree and they had a plain, wood wreath for $1.00! Ok, it IS a little different, but it is workable.  Not only that, but I am making some glitter trees and the cones at the craft store were $3.99!  Dollar Tree...yep...$1.00.  Yes, they are a little shorter and smaller, but I can make it work.  Take the four bucks you saved and go get ya a latte or a Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milk Shake from Chick Fil A (stay tuned and maybe we will have a homemade version that will save you some calories.  We sure are going to try!) 

It worked fine.  I went there tonight to get a few more things and they had Styrofoam wreath forms also for a buck which they did not have the other day.  Save yourself some money and time and check out the Dollar Tree first. 

Next, I so loved this blue spruce wreath trio, also inspired by Martha Stewart 

Which led to this:

I had some old Dollar Store wreaths we had used at our house in BC.  I am so glad I found a way to put them to use here in Dickinson.  And then there is the nutcracker idea I found at House of Hepworths.  I bought these at the Dollar Tree.  I had actually been there the day before I read HOH's post, but I did not remember seeing any nutcrackers.  So, of course I went back.  This is them before:


Then I stripped them of their hair.

Don't they look much younger??  At first, I painted them white, like Allison's, because I really love them white. 

But it didn't really go with my Christmas colors so I took a chance and tried painting one gold.  I like it. I did not think it would be as pretty as the silver one Allison did, but I think it is.  Now, I just have to finish them.


And this garland we have had for years.  I am the type that likes everything.  Aren't multi-colored lights so awesome? But white lights are beautiful and elegant.  But, blue or green or red lights are unique and always look great.  Same thing with Christmas trees.  I like a multi-colored tree, I like monochromatic trees with white lights.  I like it all...which makes it very hard for me to pin down an exact "style" for myself.  Anyway, these are from my multi-colored decor days. 

I am going to transform them to fit into our golden decor of today.  Me and my friend, Can o' Krylon paint! 

For real, folks.  Final Christmas decor pics between now and Monday.  I know, I know...I said that a week ago, but like I said...For Real!



Sell Your House, but Save Your Marriage

Trying to sell our house has been hard on us.  Especially since we have never had a problem with selling in the past.  We have never waited more than three weeks for an offer or a contract.  In our attempt to sell this time, we have been on and off the market a few times this year.   This last go round has been the only time we have had any lookers and that is probably for a contract on a lease, since we have it listed for lease also. 

Selling your house in a market such as todays can by trying on the soul...both souls, if you are married.  For my practical husband, it is about money.  How long will it last?  And it isn't like one can just go out and get a job in these economic times.  Especially a funny looking. bad interviewee like me.  So, he sits on edge and worries.

For me it is about the emotions.  Always about the emotions with me.  It is the emotional battery that comes along with opening up my haven to the critcal eyes of others only to have someone comment that what they noticed was some of the paint was scratched off the moulding by the back door. Uh, hello, we can (and now we will) paint that.  Big Freakin' deal.  That is what they noticed?  Not a word about the beautiful architecture?  Nothing about the large master bath with two separate vanities and a gorgeous garden tub.  No comment on the humongous master closet or tons of cabinetry in the open kitchen?  I personnaly liked the comment from the buyer that said, "it was the perfect layout and clean and showed beautifully".  Unfortunately, she did not like the surrounding area.  I'll give her that.

We live in a sweet little neighborhood.  All the homes are beautiful and none older than five years.  There is one way in and one way out.  It is a cozy community with only four streets plus the one connecting them all.  But, this cozy little community is set in the middle of a less attractive surrounding area.  It isnt a horrible surrounding area.  I mean, it doesn't bother us.  We did notice the area is not pristine and all country club like, but it just didn't make a difference to us. Our neighbors are good people.  That is what mattered to us.  Some might say that some of the homes in the surrounding area may be occupied by...hoarders, lets say.  I happen to have it on good authority that one gentleman that lives up the road leading to our neighborhood lost his wife a couple of years ago.  He has never recovered from that.  He just cant get the "get up and go" to carry on.  So, the maintenance on his house has suffered.  So sad.  Also, some might consider a trailer park behind their neighborhood a problem.  It hasn't been.  Anyway, I know it is silly and I am being too sensitive, but I feel hurt and angry. 

So you combine hurt and angry with on edge and worried and it makes for a sometimes explosive combination.  Little things become a nuisance and annoying.  Patience runs thin.  Suddenly, tv shows you have endured because your loved one loves them, irritate the be-jeebers out of you.  Dont get me wrong...we are not on the rocks (although an Absolute and Tonic on the rocks sounds good right about now).  It is just more discomfort than we have ever felt in our 14 or 15...or 150 years together.

But there is ONE thing.  You are a "pair".  You are a "pair" blessed with love and each other.  And, remembering that as a "pair" faith, hope and love will pull you through anything.  I cannot wait until the timing is right for the perfect family to come and buy their perfect home.  We are a-waitin'!! 

House Showing

Whoop!  We got another call to show the house!  Outstanding!  Actually, we also got a call Friday afternoon, but I had gone to BC to take Mom to the doctor and left the house a mess.  I dont know why I dont learn, but here is one thing anyone selling a house can take from this post.  ALWAYS, leave your house "show" ready.  NEVER leave it even a little messy.  Even if you haven't had a call in days or weeks, ALWAYS assume you will get a call from from the one person willing to pay $20 thousand more than your asking price on the day you think it is ok to leave it a little messy.

That is what our house is right now...just a little messy.  A little clutter here and there and it needs the cleaning fairy to come make a pass with the dust rag, vacuum and broom.  Actually, we call that person Houdini. 

It is no secret that I do not like to clean.  It really is just laziness.  I can admit it.  But, I like the feel of a clean, uncluttered space.  So, I have recently employed a new cleaning routine that might work for you or might not.  Most forty-somethings have everything all figured out on their own, but maybe it can help someone.  I'm a slow learner.  For me, this little routine makes all the difference in the world.  I used to go room by room--deep clean one room at a time.  It seemed to take forever because I did it all at once.  It may not have, I never timed it, but it seemed to.  Now, its seems much easier and quicker.  And maybe even more of a challenge.  That may be the reason for the change in my attitude.  Everybody loves a challenge, no? 

So tell us already! 

Cleaning Rotation

  • Mon/Wed/Fri -- Declutter, Sweep and Mop, Dust/Clean Surfaces
  • Tues/Thurs/Saturday -- Bathrooms, Kitchen, Vacuum Floors and Sofa

Cleaning Intervals

Ok, what I do now...I have three sets of cleaning intervals for every other day, listed above.  So, every two days the whole house is deep cleaned within an hour and a half each day.  Here's how it goes.  I set the timer on the stove for twenty minute intervals:

  • First twenty minute interval is to declutter the whole house.  Granted the two spares and the guest bath usually don't have any clutter, so for us, this includes kitchen, living room, wash room, master bedroom, bath and closet.  If Houdini has been keeping up with his job, most times it doesnt even take the whole twenty minutes. 
  • Second twenty minute interval is for cleaning all surfaces.  This includes kitchen/counters, coffee tables, nik-naks, bedside tables and so on.   
  • Third twenty minutes is for sweeping and mopping.  I usually use the broom to keep the baseboards clean during this time also.  Sometimes our dogs find it necessary to leave their paw print on the moulding and wall and I have to give it a wipe with a towel, but otherwise a pass with the broom every other day keeps the dust at bay.  This interval does take the whole twenty minutes for me.  Our house is 1760 sq. ft. and is about 70% carpet, 30 percent hard floors and all baseboards.  Trying to beat the clock is what makes this part fun.

Now, the second day, the intervals are a little more work intensive, but quick, non the less.

  • First twenty minutes on these days start with a good bathroom cleaning for both the master and guest bath.  Now, I have already swept and mopped and cleaned surfaces, so basically its just toilets/showers and sinks/faucets.  We have a garden tub also, but I usually wipe that down with a wash rag after a good long soak in the tub.  This can all be done in twenty minutes, because it was just done two days before. 
  • Second twenty minute interval, hit the kitchen.  it's time to unload that dishwasher, deep clean the stove/oven and every other time, the refrigerator. 
  • Third twenty minute interval is for vacuming all carpets and sofas!  This is another challenging interval.  But if I stay focused I can get it done.

Hmmmm...did I forget anything?  I am sure I did.

The good news is, when this is done every day, many of the intervals dont take all twenty minutes.  I like to do it before bed so we wake up to a clean house with a clean start.  It doesnt seem like it would, but it does make a difference.

Obviously, I dont stick to this every day or I wouldnt have had to turn down a request to show the house.  But, I can say it is becoming more of a habit. As for our showings, we haven't heard anything yet, but we still have our fingers crossed.

Sundown II

Some of my memories seem so distant and some so close and guess even when you write about memories you can get the dreaded "writers block".

Sundown was a good town to grow up in---- it seems so far away----the memories are so distant but still embedded in my mind.

Our little apartment was a gatherin place for the boys that Dad coached and sometimes the girls.  They would come by to visit and more times than not---ask for the gym to be opened for a little basketball. I had access to the gym at all times and spent many an hour developing my over the head 2 handed free throw---got pretty good at hittin them baskets.

Like I said Dad coached both football and basketball---we went to most of the games I'm sure--think we rode with some of the parents of the kids that played. I probably never saw a game---to busy playin' football in the end zone with my buddies---or kids we made friends with at the game. I could always find Mama if I needed a coke or popcorn-----there would be an empty seat in front of her as when she got excited she would beat who ever was in front of her on the shoulders and not even know she was doin' it. People learned not to set in front of Mama.

As I said earlier---coachin and teachin were not the best payin jobs back then---Dad refereed basketball and I think football along with his duties at the school. He was gone a lots of nights during the week and weekends to I'm sure. During  the summer he worked in the oilfield--- company called Magnolia---remember the FLYING RED HORSE signs--now Mobil Oil----he worked as a "roustabout" digging', paintin' laying pipe---whatever roustabouts do.

The oil companies had baseball teams  made up with employees of the company---played other teams all around the area. We would go for I think 2 games--called double headers---just about every weekend during the summer. I don't think I ever saw a game----to busy playin with my buddies. Don't know why--but seems like I remember eatin' our meals at the ball park. I think the wives and Mama would bring food and we'd all get together and par take. Dad pitched and played first base.Dad had a reputation for his pitchin' even in high school--think I remember that he was offered a spot with the Pirate's farm team when he graduated but he got a scholarship to a little college in Abeline called Daniel Baker went there instead. He played pitcher and first base for the oil company team.

Back to the work detail---as I said earlier --- the oil companies would always find work for teachers and coaches during the summer---lots of the parents whose kids went to Sundown worked for the oil companies and made sure the teachers and coaches got jobs. Mama stayed at home and made sure me and Ted stayed out of trouble. A chore in itself, I'm sure.

About this time--I beleive I was in the 2nd grade-- always had colds and bad tonsils---out they came along with the adnoids---got my first Red Ryder BB Gun for being a good patient. Man was I proud---sparrows didn't have a chance. With all the shrubs and trees around the school there were plenty of targets. I had been shooting 22 rifles for a while with Dad's help and was a pretty good shot. You could see the BB in flight sometime and that would help in hitting the target. Man I dusted many a sparrow---seems like there was an endless supply.

January---along came a PIB sister----Pamla Wayne----just kiddin'--- I was quite proud to be a big brother and really enjoyed helpin' Mama with Pam as she was eventually called. Oh she did become a PIB later---HA! Don't remember a bunch about that time---I DON'T---but we had those floor heater vents that got hot---poor kid had waffle burns on her little legs from fallin' on those vents when learnin' to walk. You didn't dare walk on them barefoot. Make a Converse tennis shoe stink--burn--they were so hot.

About this time---I think ---we were introduced to rabbit extermination---we would load up 4 to a vehicle and ride the ranch roads searchin' for rabbits----jack rabbits--cottontails---galore. We looked like a military force ridin' down those ranch roads with a rifle stickin our of every window---well I ddn't have a rifle---but Dad would let me use his to shoot now and then. Times have changed as we all know---and riding down an oilfield road with rifles stickin' out of the windows today, could mean a fine and possibly a jail sentence.----OH!!  "the good ole days". The ranchers welcomed us and we didn't even have to ask permission, they figured 4 jackrabbits could eat as much as one cow. There were plenty---sometimes we would shoot a 100 are more---sad to say we left them for the coyotes and crows or other scavengers that were there---buzzards I'm sure. It was a good way to learn how to shoot and gave me plenty of practice and helped me be a better shot with my Red Ryder.


Obsessed? Me? Nah...

Ok, my current weirdo obsession is Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. Oh, how she entertains me. Her blog is SO incredible. I have to say...this is not my first weirdo obsession. My first one was over Jose Cruz, left fielder for the Houston Astros, umpteen years ago, when I was about 9 or 10 years old. My wall was covered with newspaper articles and pictures of him. My brother and sister in law took me to a game one Sunday. They took me to get his autograph after the game. Somehow, in all the excitement, I hit my head and had to miss school the next day. Then there was the time he was almost traded to another team. Heartbreak! How could I carry on if "Jose Cruuuuuz" was traded to another team??? I threw myself on my Jose Cruz wall and cried. It must have worked because he wasn't traded.

Then there was Bob Boudreaux, a local Houston newscaster. Oooh. Tall dark and handsome AND he had a moustache. I was a sucker for a moustache even at 12 years old. I think he had one.  Anyway, every weekday at five o'clock I would set up my tape recorder (no, not the VCR...the tape recorder) to record Bob Boudreaux's voice. Freak! I can't remember if I ever listened to the recordings (that has to be a good sign in all this craziness) but hey, I bet I was the most up to date 12 year old on current events. Ok, probably not. I will spare you the few, poor college boys I obsessed over. Lets just say I am more productive with my obsessions, now. Which brings me back to my BFF, Ree.

She is releasing her first novel in February! It is a recollection of her love story with Marlboro Man, her now husband and their first year of marriage. I was priviledged enough to get a sneak peak. Ok, NO, not really, but kind of. You can have the same sneak preview if you go to her site and read the posts under Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I highly recommend it, as well as, reserving your copy of the upcoming book.

She was even recently on a Thanksgiving Throw Down with Bobby Flay. Cutie Pie Bobby Flay! See, I told you she was awesome. I set the DVR to record it even though I was home to watch it. Ronnie was in BC and I called three times to make sure he and Mom watched it. And then...I watched it again at midnight.  Hey, there was a lot of good food and recipes.  No, Im not getting paid for promoting her book or the Throw Down...I'm just obsessed.

Right now we are going back home from BC. We passed by the Old Ocean Conoco/Phillips refinery. I took a drink of a freshly opened coke right as we got to it without realizing we were so close to it. This horrible smell permeated my sinus cavity. I looked at my husband in horror thinking it was my breath, for some reason. He assured me it was just the refinery. I know I have had stinky breath before but please tell me if it ever smells like rotten egg fart. Whew

Anyway, went to Mom's today to deep clean and re-arrange her living room. She has so much pain in her back she is neither capable nor motivated to do it. My body is feeling every bit of my 40 something years right now. Seems like most of those years are in my knees and lower back. Ronnie blew and bagged up leaves. We were going to get the Christmas ornaments we packed up and took to the studio, but we are going back on Saturday anyway, so we will get them then. Hopefully, we will be able to move (as in our bodies) after today. And, hopefully, we will be able to post our holiday decor and some neat projects I have been working on. Maybe Monday.

It was a nice day, but eager to get home, warm up some Pei Wei Mongolian Chicken and King Ranch casserole leftovers for supper and snuggle up and watch the Texans play some football. But first, I think I will check to see if Pioneer Woman did an extra post today!

What about you? Any obsessions you would like to reveal for all the world to read??

Post Thanksgiving Post

NOTE:  My apologies on the quality of my photos.  Not only did I not have the flash on, but we missed many opportunities to take more.  Guess that's what happens when you have your mind on Turkey! They are imperfect, like us, but I couldn't stand the thought of not having pictures from that day to look back on. 

Woo hoo!  You did it!  You made it through Thanksgiving!  Those of you that hosted the dinner this year undoubtedly are thinking you won't do it again next year.  But Thanksgiving hospitality is like having a will forget all the work entailed by March and by September you will be looking forward to filling your family's bellies with yummy food and love again.  Thank goodness.

I hope everyone had an incredible, "FULL-FILLING" day (I know wegot plenty full).  We started our day early with a good breakfast since we wouldn't be carving the turkey till after four p.m.  As I mentioned in this post, the holidays have been blah for me the last several years and Thanksgiving day started out no differently.  "Boo-turkey" was my mantra.  "Whatever" was my standard response for everything.  The trip to BC was quiet.  But, once we got to BC my mood got better.  Once we went to Leo and Pam's house my disposition got a little brighter.  By the end of the day, I didn't want to leave. chopperWhen we arrived at Pam and Leo's, about 1:15 or so, we found them choppin' and tidying.  We were the first ones there and enjoyed a short visit with them.  

Pam taking a little rest after a long day of whippin' up Turkey day dinner  

G-ma and Baby BoyIt is so cute how the twins so love their older cousins!   

Baby Girl and Baby boy with their cousin

Pam and Leo made the turkey, dressing, ham and gravy and Melissa and Christi made a lot of the sides: green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, broccoli rice casserole, oh my gosh I am getting full just thinking about it.  No, wait...its the three servings of left-overs I had today that is making me feel full.  They had pumpkin pie, pecan pie, pumpkin bread and sock it to me cake.  Oh, Lord, it was all so good!  The front room of the house was set up with long tables and everyone was able to sit together all at once. 

Topics included Ashleigh's up coming wedding, Jim Caviezal, Ashleigh's upcoming wedding, Black Friday, Facebook, Ashleigh's up coming wedding.  LOL, just kidding.  We actually hardly even talked about the wedding.  I had a chance to see a picture of "the dress" but I didn't look.  I don't want to see it till the day.         

Honey Boy

   Then it was time for the big game...A&M vs. Texas!  That was a blast.  Ashleigh's fiance, Colton, is a big Longhorn fan.  He was giving me a hard time about my Aggies and I guess I may have gigged his Longhorns a time or two also.  But, it was all in good fun.  I like that he can be a Longhorn and I can be an Aggie and we can still get along.  Like, Mr. Obama says, "we can disagree without being disagreeable".  He is a good sport which is more than I can say for a lot of people!!  I wont even mention that the Aggies won...oops.   

But, then it was time to leave.  Boo!  Or, as an Aggie would say, "tsssss" because booing is rude.  The trip home was uneventful, thank God, and we had a yummy midnight snack of turkey and dressing once we got here.  All in all it was a day for which I am truly Thankful!!  I hope everyone had a blessed, happ y day.                                                  


Thankful Thursday...on Friday

Well, I took my computer with me to BC thinking I might take a minute and make a post but I never did.   I am a day late, but I still wanted to share what I am thankful for from last week.  So, here we go:

  1. Ronnie and Leo had a good time fishing and even caught some fish.  Ronnie brought Mom back with him and we had a good week despite the fact that she fell TWICE the day she came here.
  2. Thankful Mom didnt break anything or hurt very much the next day after her two falls.  We immediately slathered her with blue stuff and Icy Hot and iced down her knees.  It really made a difference in how sore she got, or should I say, "didn't get".
  3. Mom and I went to Target and bought the Twins and Honey Boy some presents.  It was nice to be able to shop for them together and really nice to get most of the shopping done, since we only buy for the children.
  4. I am thankful for blessing, seen and unseen.  We are in the process of trying to sell our house.  Our realtor keeps telling us that things are just going to get worse.  I feel strongly in my heart that God is working behind the scenes to make everything work out perfectly for us and for the next family for which this house is meant.  So even though it seems like nothing is happening, I am grateful to know that there IS something happening.
  5. I tried a couple of new recipes last week and lo and behold, they actually tasted pretty good!  Of course there is a little something in each I would change but all in all they were good. 
  6. One extra, just for good measure.  I am just thankful that in these hard times when so many are struggling we are doing well, have a roof over our head, transportation, a full pantry and love.

Thank you, Cape on the Corner, for allowing me to share all I am thankful for on your blog!  I know sharing all we are thankful for helps us to see even more for which to be thankful.  Hope you don't mind that it is a day late and hope you and yours had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Oyester Lake--Night Fishin'

After a power nap and  a couple of roast beef sandwiches, provided by Grn Ma---headed over to Leo's. Gonna load the generator on the boat and head out to the diversionary channel---Leo and nephew Mike and a friend caught some good size trout there a few days ago. No Leo--poor guy should open a taxi service--had to pick up Mike's girlfriend's son and take him home---then ran Mike to store. Pam had Chickin fried steak, mashed taters, corn agoin---when Leo returned we gobbled down a plate each---remember I had the roast beef sandwiches just a little earlier but you don't turn down Pam's chickin fried steak.

Gettin a late start so suggested that we go to Oyster Lake---didn't have to transfer generator and lights to boat---just load fishin poles and go. About a 30 minute ride and we were there. Usually its light city--a favorite with other fisherman in the area for night fishin----SURPRISE---we had it all to ourselves. Got the lights set up and within a few minutes had some bait activity---not to long after some  bigger fish movement.  We started catchin small undersize trout and reds----caught a couple of keeper size trout---tide was out and the bites were not coming very fast. We stuck it out til about 11 o'clock and decided to call it a nite. Even tho we didn't catch a bunch we had some line tuggin and gettin out, fishin---- just gettin out is great. Whoever coined the phrase "any day fishin is a good day" hit it on the head. I know we're gonna have more fishin trips and we'll get into some gooduns-- thats why its called "FISHIN".

What the Heck did You Mean by That??

This is a follow up to this post, Thanksgiving Table Setting.  I just re-read it and I didn't like how it ended.  Blog tip #1:  read your post before you post! 

I was worried that maybe a reader might think the reason that particular Thanksgiving dinner was the last one at our house was because of the babies crying.  NO WAY, NO HOW!  We so love all the babies in the family and nothing could ever keep us away from them, especially not a little crying.  Our hearts were really breaking for them and for their parents and for Great Grandma. 

It's one of those things you look back on and laugh at and are thankful for.  Its one of those memories we will share every Thanksgiving just like we relive the time his Daddy screamed bloody murder from under the dinner table when he was a kid because he didn't get the turkey leg.  That is hilarious now, but not so much, back then. 

Thank goodness Baby Boy decided he could handle the Artichoke shade of paint...either that or his Great Grandma quit pinching him...we had a few more gatherings there after that day and we are looking forward to many more at the Studio when we move back. 

I feel better now. 

Thanksgiving Table Setting

A few years ago my Aunt Mercy gave me her Franciscan Desert Rose China.

I love that China--mostly because she gave it to me.

She has always given me so much.  She is a special person and has gone above and beyond what most aunts are expected to do.  She was a night shift nurses aide in the maternity ward back in her younger days.  That did not stop her from taking care of me during the day while my mom and dad went to work.  (Of course, it helped that I was a little angel and did no wrong.)  It also did not stop her from taking me, on many occasion, to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston (over an hour from our home town) to see doctors.  Don't get me wrong, it is something I would definitely do for my niece and nephews and my great-niece and nephews, but I am aware of how hard it would be. 

There were three occasions when I was in leg casts as a child and each time she helped take care of me.  She would come to our house in the morning after working all night, cook me what seemed like a pound of bacon and two pieces of toast before going to bed.  She knew I couldn't get into much trouble, as I was weighted down with casts.  One year I was in my cast when the Rice Festival came to town.  Now as a kid, you don't want to be anything but up and running when the Rice Festival comes to town.  There is a huge parade, well huge for BC, and then a fair with rides, cotton candy and freedom to roam with your friends.  But that year I was doing none of that.  I was in a cast from my toes to my chest.  Quite disappointing for a seven year old to miss the Parade back then.  But, thanks to my aunt I didn't miss it!  She lowered the windows in the back seat of her car, slid a board through and put me on it.  I got to see the whole parade!  Maybe her mama knew something when she named her "Mercy".

I have only used my china a few times-each time for Thanksgiving-a couple of times in Corpus and once in BC.  That year in BC was a disaster.  Mom cooked one of the turkeys that year and nobody believed it was done.  We cooked the ham and I guess it was overdone.  Then my nephew and his wife had three month old twins. Mama could not wait to get Baby Boy in her arms.  Everything was fine until she took him into the dining room.  Don't know what happened but he started screaming bloody murder (we think he didnt like the Artichoke color on the walls).  There was no blood and Mama didn't murder him-she didnt even pinch him, but he would not stop crying.  Nobody could comfort him.  Then Baby Girl decided he was not getting results so she tried to help by crying bloody murder too!  Mommy and Daddy couldn't comfort them and as new parents of twins, they, understandably, were not in the best of moods.  We could have cut the tension and discomfort with a carving knife.  Mom was devastated and on the verge of crying.  Everyone begged to hold them, thinking they might have the magic touch, but Mommy and Daddy packed them up to take them home.  Then we were all sad.  Little did we know, they never left!  It wasnt enough that the poor parents were probably sleepy and hungy or that their babies were screaming at the top of their lungs, but when they went out to take them home they discovered their car battery was dead!  That was the last time we had Thanksgiving at our house. 

Not sure how this post digressed from table setting to more nostalgia, but hope you enjoyed it.  What about you?  Where will you be spending Thanksgiving?  Any Thanksgiving disaster stories?                                                                                                            

Pictures of items courtesy of Olioboard.  Find Turkey place card holders at 

Matagorda Bay

Ok ---to the fun part---fishin' w/Leo---we were supposed to hit it early----2 o'clock itchin interruption of sleep made for a late departure.  We got on the road about 8 or so---traveled to Matagorda Harbor, launched the boat and headed out to East Matagorda Bay---windy and about 45 degrees---chilly runnin'in a boat.  East Bay was choppy but clear---we fished a couple of spots with no success----went to another spot in what is called the Diversionary Channel--- where we have caught fish before.  Actually went past it and pulled a dummy. 

There was a boat anchored and fishing kinda close to the area that we wanted to go to----cut across an area that I knew was shallow but thought I could make it---got 'er stuck--had to bail out and push it to deeper water---got my fat &%& out of the boat and low n behold----it floated-HA! Well to salvage a little bit of my dignity----the gas tank and motor and an ice chest filled with ice and drinks are in the back of the boat where I sit----but movin 250+---ain't sayin--- made it float. Lucky the bottom was pretty solid and not like some of the muck you run into.  Due to the current and wind had hard time gettin' the anchor to stick--frustrating after being stuck in the shallow water---if I were a fish I'd head out to calmer water with all the commotion----the other boat left---can't say I blame them----finally tied up to a tree limb. Stuff like that takes the fun out of fishing. Anyway, finally got a bait in the water---Leo caught a couple of undersized trout using lures---zero for me.  Except for the fun stuff---getting stuck on the sand bar and anchor not holding---I really enjoyed getting out.  Headed in to Grand Ma's for a break---we had planned to hit it again that evening-- night fishin---with generator and lights--one of our favorite times to fish and try another way to get our lines stretched.

Made it to Grand Ma's--the smell of something cookin---roast in the oven--sure smelled good. She said it was not quite ready---Ok---gonna take a pause for the cause---"NAP TIME".  I can take a short one n be ready to go for awhile longer. Hope the night fishin turns out better than the day fishin.