Dose of Reality

I painted a nice, pretty little picture in I Bleed Maroon.

Now, lets sprinkle a little reality on that picture because I'm all about keeping it real on this here blog.

My transition to college was not necessarily a smooth one.

First off, I was not the most serious student.

Looking back, I went to college because it was "the next step".

I majored in Finance because all of my pre-college tests indicated my interests would best be used in finance or accounting. 

That was fine with me.  Finance would put me in a career I could use anywhere for the rest of my life.  Plus, working in a bank seemed great (yep, in my narrow teen mind finance = bank).  

Shoot...bankers worked 9-3 back then - or in my fantasy world they did.  They got to dress up everyday, had nice little glass offices, worked Monday through Friday, had holidays off, they seemed to make good money, and well, lets face it...the bankers were clean cut and handsome :D.

It did not take me long to realize I had absolutely no interest in the market, economics, statistics, accounting, nor anything else a degree in Finance involved.

It also did not take long for my grades to reflect that I had no interest in all that stuff.

Adding that to trying to learn to juggle freedom, fun, studying(I never had to study before so I had no real study habits) plus learning how to build relationships and socialize(which, by the way, I never learned) made for a less than stellar first semester, academically.

After my first round of college finals, I packed up all my stuff and gladly went home for the Christmas break good. 

I casually informed my parents that I was not going back.

They casually informed me "oh yes you are!"

So, I went back, equipped with a little experience. 

I still lacked a passion for Finance though, I learned the world would not end if I skipped a class or two or ten.  My grades suffered and I was placed on academic probation.

The Lord put me in the right place at the right time for me to land an awesome job with The Office of University Research so I worked through the summer, taking a few classes and dropping them before they negatively affected my GPA.

My parents had had enough.  The agency funding my education had had enough. 

It was do or die. 

Thank God, for Where There's a Will, There's an A, a study program advertised on late night TV. 

It was a long-shot, but it worked.  I finally learned how to study and how to balance that with a little fun.  I made A's an B's from then on out.  (ok, ok, I did make a C on some programming class.  I wanna say it was BASIC II...yuk).

Plus, I changed my major to Management.  I still had to take more economics and statistics, but I could stomach them a little better because I was enjoying the classes that focused on the operational aspects of business.

So, it was really at that point where I could savor and enjoy the traditions of A&M.

Like everyone occasionally does, I look back and wonder if I could have made more of that time and my degree if I had known exactly what it was I wanted to do with my life at that time.  And, there have been times that I have wondered if that was my last "greatest accomplishment". 

Then...I return to the present.

I return to the present and see that my life is and has been full of love and happiness.  As my husband reads over my post he tells me that everyday he is happy is my last greatest accomplishment. 

For that I am grateful.  And, with that, I look forward to what is yet to come.

I Bleed Maroon

As we were making plans to attend our grandsons graduation from Texas State (formerly known as South West Texas State) I was reminded of a clever little song I once heard. 

So, off to youtube I went to seach for it. 

And, I found it!


As I was listening and being reminded of its cleverness I noticed some Aggie videos on the side bar.  So, I watched this...


Now, if you know me, you know I have had the Aggie Spirit since the ripe old age of six or seven. 

As a kid, I wore my Aggie windbreaker come rain or shine, I spent hours locked in my room listening to the Aggie Band album Chris gave me (he was in the corps and the band), I learned the words to the Aggie War Hymn and I faced my Aggie pennant with my hand to my chest each time the Spirit of Aggie land came on.

Even now, I wear an aggie t-shirt at least 6 days a week, I have the aggie war hymn on my ipod - three different versions - and when you drive up to the studio the one thing you see on the fence is a sign given to me by Ashleigh and Colton that says, "GIG 'EM".

But even with all this daily Aggie spirit, this song struck the deep seeded spirit tucked away in the dark crevices of my soul. 

Ahhh, the spirit of games in the fall at Kyle Field, a friendly "Howdy", the Aggie Band, yell practice, the Dixie Chicken, inter-campus buses, yell leaders, the Fish Pond, Silver Taps, Ring Dance, the Dixie Chicken, the Aggie Ring, Bonfire, pepperoni rolls, the corps of cadets, senior boots, Aggie Muster, the cowboys with their cowboy hats and tight fitting Wranglers. Revellie, the 12th Man,...did I mention the Dixie Chicken?? 

Although, the Dixie Chicken was the main place to have a beer when skipping classesafter a long day of classes and work, my friends and I hung out at a place called Dudley's a lot too.  We spent hours a little time there playing pool and video games, cards and drinking games.  Good times.

I cried.  And then...

I watched another video, of course.  This one...


And then, this one...(this one is TOTALLY awesome.  I hope you don't have to watch it at 240p, as you will get the full effect at 360p.  If you have problems, minimize it, forget about it, letting it run all the way through.  Then press replay and it will play perfectly.  Believe me, it will be worth it!)


If you have the chance to send your child to A&M, do it.  You wont be sorry!  It has it's share of fun times, but mostly it provides an experience rich in tradition, a code of honor that will serve your child for the rest of his/her life, and an experience that will develop your child into a leader "...of character dedicated to serving the greater good".  What else could a parent ask for???

Gig 'em Ags! 

Ginger, Lemon, Beets, Oh My...


It's vlog time.

Just a little vid on some juice I made the other evening.

It was Deee-licious.

I used to believed that vegans are crazy people.

But, I dont anymore. 

I can really appreciate fruits and a juice.  Still not so much in a salad, though.

I wish this video had smell-o-vision.

The  aroma of the fresh ginger is just heavenly. 

Then add the clean crisp aroma of lemon and cucumber...dang that's good.

I spoke of the organic veggies we have available at our local grocery store, or the lack thereof. 

The Rawbrahs gave a little heads up on a co-op in Houston called RawFully Organic.  Someday, I would love to participate.  It is about an hours drive for us, but it would be worth it! 

I am waiting for a time when we become more consistent juicers.  I wouldn't want any of that wonderful bounty to go to waste.

Also, at the end of the video I talked about maybe making some orange/carrot juice the next morning.

Well, I did.  Oh man, anything seems possible with the scent of citrus in the air.

I added a beet to the juice. 

I have read that beets are high in sugar, but I just don't see it.

Now, don't get me wrong.  The juice was good, but I wouldn't consider the flavor of the beet as sweet. 

But no matter, I will continue to try to adapt my taste buds to loving beets because they are so good for you.

What is your take on beets?  Have you ever eaten them raw?  Do you like them?  Would you say they impart an "earthy" flavor? 

Yeah, earthy, that's the word.

I am off to watch our Houston Texans whip some Atlanta Falcon bootie, I hope. 

Have a wonderful, peaceful Sunday and the best week ever!!

American Hoggers BC Style

Have you ever seen American Hoggers or the commercials for it?  I's on A&E.  It is hilarious. 


"You ever hear of hog heaven?  Well, who'd you think done put 'em there?"

Lol, funny, I tell ya!

My husband, nephew and brother love it.  Heck, sometimes I think they are it.

Isn't he cute?!  That's my sweet, adorable honey. 

What's a hunter without camouflage suspenders?

He and Mike headed out early this morning.  They did not come back with anything (I'm secretly thankful for that), but they are back at it in an afternoon hunt. 

Wish the deer and hogs luck!

Peace and Smiles!


Stealing the Show

Although it seems Mr. Turkey was the star of this week, there actually are two other stars in our family that steal the show!

First, is my husband's Baby Girl.


This lady is so much fun. 

She's crazy funny...

and crazy sweet.

And, at the risk of sounding like a kiss-up...crazy beautiful...inside and out.

And...often sometimes...well...just CRAZY! 

Today is her birthday! 

Happy Birthday, Rae!

Earlier this week this little girl had a birthday...literally.

She is our great-niece.  She looks just like her sweet Daddy(despite the fact he is a die-hard Longhorn fan). I wasnt at her birth so I didn't get to take any pictures, but I stole this one from Facebook.  Still trying to figure out her blog name. 

So...there ya have it.

My goodness...the last few posts have been dripping with sweetness. :D

If we look around us we can see how incredibly sweet this wondrous life really is.

Have a wonderfullly blessed Monday!  May it be smooth sailing!!

Peace, Friends.

Annual Post-Thanksgiving Post

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! 

I hope your day was incredible! 

This is just such a lovely time of year. 

There is so much to catch up on.  Like, did you host Thanksgiving, did you travel, did you find any good Black Friday sales, are you enjoying your long weekend??

I was hoping to write a post prior to Thanksgiving day to express some thankfulness, but time slipped through my fingers.

"Like sand in the hour glass, so are the days of our lives."

Ha!  Remember that from the soap opera Days of Our Lives?...with the clock-ticking-music urgently ticking away?

I wonder if they still even show it.


Back to being thankful. 

I am so very thankful. 

So thankful, in fact, I cannot even put it into words.

Maybe that is why I didn't write a thankful post.

Thankful doesn't even begin to encompass what I feel for this wonderful, beautiful, life and everything and everyone in it. 

I am thankful for this beautiful little place we now call home and for the two guys that made it's transformation possible.

I am thankful for the many precious experiences I am able to post here on this little blog of ours. 

And, I am thankful for the folks that take moments out of their day just to come by and see what is up. 

It is sweet...and it is a gift. 

A beautiful gift. 


...we had our first Thanksgiving in our little studio. 

Not only that, it was the first real Thanksgiving we have ever hosted. 

If our guests enjoyed it even half as much as we did or if their hearts are half as full as ours are, then I am thrilled.

But, you know what? 

There are NO pictures. 

None, nil, zero, zilch, not a ONE.  

So...I guess my narration will have to serve my memory.

Since we would not be seeing the Castillo family on Thanksgiving day and since we figured the Burges and Ronnie II would be tired from their drives, I thought it would be nice to have a get-together here when they arrived that Wednesday before turkey day.

So, Mike, my nephew, agreed to make bar-b-que for us.  Yet, another thing for which I am thankful!.  He started the brisket at six that morning.  He and his brother, Jeffrey, make the best brisket. 

Yeah, it was kind of a crazy idea for someone hosting Thanksgiving dinner the next day.  But, you know what?  It wasn't all that bad.  I was super organized so preparing for it did not interfere much with t-day prep.  (Next year I will post my Thanksgiving Day timelines.  I think they could really help a newbie to make their first Thanksgiving dinner a success)

We were sad to hear the Burges wouldn't be able to make it here on Wednesday after all, but Ronnie II made it and the whole Castillo clan, plus my friend Veronica and her girls, Jasmine and Vanessa. 

I gotta say, if there was some way we could choose family members, I would definitely choose Ms. V.  The reasons are a hundred.  

If she was single and I had another nephew, I would definitely be match making. ha!

It was a nice evening.  We ate, the kids played, the guys went outside and talked. 

I still had two things left on my "Thanksgiving Wednesday To Do List"...

  1. Put the dressing ingredients together
  2. Make the pecan pie

As I went to pre-heat the oven to make my pie, I noticed the lights were off.

No biggie.

Probably one of the children played with the buttons or something and it just needed to be reset.

I followed the instructions to reset.


I frantically hollered to Ron to come to the kitchen, quick asked Ron if he had any ideas.  He grabbed the manual and tried a few things.


"How will we cook our turkey and ham and sides?  Thanksgiving will have to be cancelled!  You will have to call Rae and Craig and tell them not to even bother to come!  We won't have any food for them!  We will have to send Ronnie II back to Corpus un-fed and starving!"

But then, Ronnie II surfed the web on his iphone and he and Ron put their shoes on, went outside and flipped the breaker to reset the stove/oven.  It worked!

Thanksgiving Day was saved. 

My heroes.

It was about 1 a.m., but I finally got my pie in the oven.

I was kind of worried about Thanksgiving day.  You know, the usual worries...will the turkey be done, will it be dry, will I forget to put the rolls in, will I burn the freaking rolls....

But, everything went off without a hitch.  We had a really nice dinner and either all of Ron's kids and grandkids are great actors, or the food was actually pretty good.

After Ronnie II headed back to Corpus, Mom stopped in for a short visit (she ate with my brother and his family), and then we all settled in to watch the Dallas Cowboys and, later, the Texas Aggie game. 

We talked and laughed, hollered and screamed for our teams and in the end the Cowboy and Longhorn fans in the house celebrated their wins with good sportsmanship.

The past two days have been pure rest and relaxation.

Ronnie went hunting yesterday afternoon, so Mom and I ate leftovers and watched Christmas movies.

This trusty ol' recliner has been good to me today.  I left it for a moment to cook supper, but I plan on being glued to it again to watch the new Debbie Macomber show on Hallmark.

The dogs are all snuggled in, I just ate my last fifteen pounds piece of pecan pie and soon I will make me a little cocoa to enjoy during my movie. 

So, that's our Thanksgiving weekend in a nutshell. 

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and that you proceed into a peaceful Christmas season.

Thank you, again, for stopping in!

Practice Pies

Ahhh, Thanksgiving.

It is here again.  ALREADY!  Whaaaaa?  How can it be?  I dunno, but it is.

We will be having our first Thanksgiving dinner here at the studio.

We are so anxious to see these bandits:


Oh yeah, let's not forget how happy we will be to also see these hooligans:

We will be missing Dave and Chad, but they are blessed with lots of family and we totally understand there just isn't enough time to visit everyone.   

I havent cooked for this crew very often.

Once, I attempted to make them breakfast.  Disaster.

Then I made Lasagna one time.  Can you say Mojave Dessert?  It was dry and not much better than Stouffer's. 

No offense, Stouffers.

So, needless to say, I am a little nervous for them.

I have practiced my cornbread dressing and gotten the approval of two of the toughest, most honest critics.  Mike and my mom.

Then, Friday, Mom helped me practice making pies -- Pumpkin and Pecan.

We even made the pie crusts. 

They were delicious, if I must say so myself. 

Aside from being thrilled about delicious pies, I was even more thrilled to spend the afternoon with my Mama.

No...I didnt take a picture of her.  "What's up with that?" you say?  I dunno.  I haven't been feeling much love for the camera, lately. 

Plus, it wasnt until I went to pick up our empty pie plates, after she left, that I realized I wanted to remember this moment.

It was kinda like old times.  Only, in the old days, I used to come home and help her.  We would chop onions and celery, make cornbread and sit at the dining room table and talk and flip through magazines. 


 It was an awesome day. 

I hope you are having awesome days!

See you again soon!


Musings on a Beautiful, Fall Evening

I was sitting here at my dining room table taking a break from the long day, just being still and listening. 

The TV is off, no ipod is playing, just the sounds of this very moment in our life.

The sound of the office chair squeaking as Ronnie surfs the web.

The sound of a whirling drill and screws falling to the floor as Michael (my nephew) puts the remainder of the handles on the kitchen cabinets.  Occasionally, we break the silence and chat.  Oh, how I enjoy a good chat with all my nieces and nephews. 

The sound of Jake barking at the patio door wanting to come in.  Both he and Maggie bark and scratch at the door to come inside, but he is most persistent.  Jake's plea is a soft brush of his paw on the door while Maggie's is an urgent-sounding, heavy swipe.  On the other hand, his bark is a demand while hers is a polite request.  Oh, my crazy, beautiful dogs.

I look out the back door as the sun sets on this day and a feeling of overwhelming gratitude overcomes me.  With every falling leaf my mind releases.  All worries, all fears fade away with the light of day.  The only thing that remains is the shadows of the trees and the gratitude.  My heart is full.  My life is full.  I thank God for every moment of this beautiful journey on which He has sent me. 

This is a moment I truly want to remember.

Wishing you many moments, Blog Friends.  And thanking you all for taking time out of your busy, beautiful lives to stop in at Casa Causpanic. 

Peace be with you all. :)

Work in Progress


I hope all is well where you are.

All is well here.  We are doing a little work.

More to come on this project soon.

It is our last one for a while.  Whew!

We are excited about the holidays!!

Back to work we go.

Thank you for stopping in.  It really means a lot.

We Are Floored

Urban Dictionary

Floored:  A term describing the state of being saturated in a particular emotion. To be stunned or overwhelmed in this particular emotion so substantially that it ties up a measurable amount of mental resources.

We are "saturated" in happiness and relief to have our bathroom flooring down and complete! 

Mostly, because all the dust from the bare concrete has really been affecting our sinuses!!  For now, we have one safe haven from dust.  Whoop!!

This is our before of our bathroom. 

It has been a long journey tearing walls down, redesigning and rebuilding this bathroom.



But, finally we were ready to put some flooring down.  We chose 18" x 18" vinyl peel and stick tile.  At about $1.23/sq. ft., it wasnt any less expensive than ceramic tile, but we were able to save money by installing it ourselves. 

And, of course, after reading so many blogs, we understand that the success of any DIY hinges a lot on proper preparation, especially, with vinyl flooring.  You want to make sure the surface is prepared properly so that the vinyl doesnt tear or crack or worse...not stick. 

When we did the demo on this area of the studio we pulled up carpet and carpet tack strips.  The concrete nails from the tack strip left divot-like holes in the foundation.  We took great care to fill in those holes because it is very important to have a level, clean, surface anytime vinly flooring is used.

Once all that dried a couple of days, Ronnie sanded down any excess to make sure the surface was smooth.

I then, swept and mopped the floor making sure to leave it free of dust and anything that might poke throught the vinyl or keep it from sticking.

That was actually an ongoing process.  Dust and little rocks came from out of nowhwere, the whole time I was installing this stuff. 

Yep, I installed it.  By myself, too. 

It wasn't really a hard project.  It was a little time consuming, but really, it was fun and challenging at the same time. 

It did take me a while to complete it, though, mainly because I let other things take precedence.

Anyway, the instructions easily guided me through finding my starting point.  Once I did that it was smooth sailing. 

Well, at least untill I got to a corner...or the toilet. 

Even though you will have to buy a new seal for your toilet, I would suggest moving the toilet to get the vinyl under it instead of trying to cut around the base of the toilet.   

Another tricky area when laying vinyl peel and stick tile is around the door frames. 

Ronnie purchased this handy dandy Demmel tool which had an attachment that allowed me to trim just enough under the frame to slide my vinyl tile underneath.   

That Dremmel tool was a real life saver.

I love the end result:



We did it!

We finally did it!!

We bit the bullet!!

We bought a fridge.

Can you hear that??  That's the angel choir singing that all the bloggers talk about.

Wow!  I cant believe it. 

Introducing...Fridgerator Casa Causpanic:

Oh yes!  It was delivered Wednesday.

It's a Frigidaire and we bought it at Lowe's.

With the sale price and 5% off for putting it on the card (which we will pay on Monday) and the extended warranty we added, it came out to be about $50 or so dollars more than it would have costs from Home Everything...only, without the Home Everything hassle I previously wrote about.

Oh yeah, and with out the ice maker and water dispenser on the door. 

But I had been thinking a lot about the ice maker in the door.  I had been really questioning how important the ice maker in the door was to me. 

So, I said, " important is the ice maker in the door to you?"

And I (aka Me) responded, "It is very important."

Then I said to myself, "Are you sure it is very important?  You know how annoyed you get when you are walking around in your socks and you step on a big ol' wet spot from the renegade ice cube that gets away and melts on the floor."

To which I (aka Me) said, "Hey, yeah!  You're right!"

Then I said, "And what about the couple of times the dispenser got plugged up with ice for whatever reason?  It didn't happen often, but it sure was a pain when it did."

As I thought about it, I asked Myself, "Self, I don't think I have ever seen you even drink water from the refrigerator dispenser!"

My (aka Self) response, "Nope, we always drank from the Ozarka dispnser or we have Ozarka on hand."

So after careful consideration by Me, Myself and I, it was decided that an ice maker and a water dispenser really were unnecessary.

It hasn't seemed any less convenient to open the drawer and scoop out some ice.  Plus, now we have a "Quick Ice" function that will rev up the ice making capability if we have a get together and need more ic than usual. 

I am so happy to have a full sized fridge again, and extra-happy to have a French door fridge!!

We have already filled it with our old loves, milk, eggs, cheese and BACON, as well as with quite a few of our new loves...vegetables.  Plenty-o-room for all and then some.  Plus, there is room for all sorts of frozen stuff too!

I feel like I won the lottery!

I know this fridge will give us many years of service.

Welcome home, Fridgerator!!!  We love you. 

World Series Chatter

Under no circumstances would I pitch to Puljos.  They need to walk him every time.  Even one run is too many in the World Series

Dang!!  Tied already??

What?  They are already calling the bullpen???

I dont know if I can watch this game (as I throw down my mini chocolate chips).

Come on Napoli!

YEAH!  Base hit.

RUN RUN RUN!!!  Out. Dangit

Oh no!  Chris Carpenter has a 6-0 record at home??  Great, just great :(  Oh man!!  That was beautiful!!

That WAS a good bunt.

Young!  Why do you do that!  What an idiot.  (he swung at a ball he realllly had to reach for - strike).

Ohhhhhh pretty catch (same guy that was an idiot a little while ago.  Which, I dont really think he is an idiot.  I just say those things when I watch sports). 

Come on boys lets get those bats swinging. 

I could no longer watch. 

The game is now over and our Texas team's destiny did not include winning the World Series title this year.

I feel for them...they have worked so hard. 

But, I am still very proud of our Texas Rangers and maybe we will get 'em next year!!



Texas Traditions: Bar-B-Que Cook-Offs

Well, looks like Casa Causpanic is running about a week behind, but here goes anyway.

Last Saturday started at 6 a.m.  Yep, I actually got up before the light of day.  Why?

We were going Garage Sale-ing!

Sometimes a gal just gets the feeling that she really needs that homey feeling, that comfy feeling.

We have a long way to go to make this place completely "homey".  In case you haven't seen it yet, we have a long list of to do's

Sometimes we make a decision to go ahead with something and then I get cold feet.  Maybe it isn't the right thing to do, do we really need to do it, should we really spend the money on it...?  

So, last week, money was weighing on my mind.  My answer to that was to hit the thrift stores in Lake Jackson. 

I actually discovered that there is a Habitat for Humanity Re-store there!  It was small and they did not have anything that I would have considered an incredible steal, or anything that I absolutely fell in love with, except...a treadmill. 

It was an older model, huge and had a port for the MP3 player.  I said...SOLD!

Ron said, NOT!

We have been talking about a treadmill, but we have a wonderful and expensive elliptical trainer that my mom bought us for my birthday a few years back.  Thing is, though, one of the wires got disconnected once when we were moving and it wont turn on.  We haven't had anybody look at it.  So, a perfectly good piece of machinery sits, waiting for a little love to get the electrical juice flowing again.  Not only that, but it really hurts Ronnie's knees when he tries to work out on it.

The subject could have been pressed, but I knew in my heart it would be an impulse buy. 

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am a recovering Impulse Buyer.  I mean that in all seriousness.

So, moving right along, Friday, I looked up all the garage sales around town on the website for our local newspaper. 

There were 24!  Dang, that's a lot!  As I went through each one to determine which ones we would hit first, I saw the words I was looking for...TREADMILL.... 

Ok, I was really looking for the words...BOOK CASES or CHEST OF DRAWERS or BUFFET...but that is just a technicality.

To make a long story not so short, we bought a newer-than-the-one-we-saw-at-Habitat Pro-Form treadmill with all the desirables such as adjustable speed and incline, pre-programmed routines or manual operation, tracking for calories burned, distance, heart rate and so on and so on.  It also has a spot for the good ol' ipod and a fan.  And it was $100.

Oh yeah...the best folds up for easier storage.  That is a biggie for us.

 picture source  

Later in the afternoon we headed over to Blessing to see Ronnie II, aka Ron Dawg.  He and his buds were participating in a Bar-B-Que cook off over there.   

The company was good...


(note:  the guys were visiting the Kountry Boyz Kooking team)

The food was good... 

The weather was perfect and we just enjoyed hanging out with Ronnie and his buddies.  


So there you have it.  Last weekend in a nutshell. 

Our only plan for this weekend, so far, is to go buy some tasty candy for the little ghosts and goblins that I hope will come by on Monday!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Healing Cancer World Summit


As I type I am listening the leading experts in alternative cancer treatment and prevention.


I was drawn to this summit because my family has been affected by cancer and I want to learn more about non conventional treatments and prevention. 

The first speaker was Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez


Charolette Gerson of the Gerson Institute is speaking next. 

Today was just day one of a five day summit, so I believe you can still sign up at Renegade Health.

"The summit will cover different options:

  • Find out what therapies these doctors and experts are using that they say may prevent and even treat cancers naturally.

  • Discover herbs and supplements that are scientifically known to prevent cancer.

  • Discover scientific and documented proof that natural cancer treatments work.

  • Learn how to detoxify and cleanse the body naturally...and safely."

"This summit will help you discover:

  • The therapies these doctors and experts are using that they say can prevent and even treat cancers naturally.

  • The cancer fighting herbs and supplements that are scientifically known to prevent cancer - many of which you can buy in your local supermarket (no matter where you live!)

  • Scientific and documented proof that natural cancer treatments work and why.

  • Learn how to detoxify and cleanse the body naturally... and safely.

  • Why many people have no idea these treatments exist and why these doctors are risking their careers to do help people heal.

  • Amazing stories of patients who have been healed naturally and are still thriving today.

  • How - in some cases - drugs, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation can cause side effects that may be worse than the cancer itself.

  • Simple and affordable ways to prevent cancer and many other diseases using natural, tested methods.

  • And much more!"

I hope you can still sign up if you have been touched by cancer, as so many have.  And even if you havent, we can never have too much information.

Im going back to listening and wishing you a


Door Dilema Solved

Happy Friday!!

It has been a beautiful, fall week here in Texas.  Gorgeous weather!

Sometime last week we decided it was time to retire the ol' Home Depot cardboard box door cover.

We are not ready to replace it with a new permanent door since it still functions well.

So, we went to look for a piece of thin paneling to cut to size, but for one, we couldn't find one we liked and for two, all the paneling cost more than we wanted to spend. 

Previously, we thought we would give the glass a semi-transparent finish, but neither the local Wal Mart nor the Sherwin Williams had the spray to do the job. 

We took a chance and checked and Sutherland's and lo and behold they had it!!!  Woot! Woot!


The first thing we had to do was give the door a good cleaning.  It still had some glue on it from the vinyl letters that identified it as the Sweet Creations bakery. 

We thought we might have a problem with the glue, but a little nail polish remover took it right off.

Then we sprayed it with some glass cleaner to get it nice and clean and we were good to go!

We were a little concerned at first, because the sun sets on this side, so it can get pretty hot without something on the door.  The semi-transparentness lets some light it, but not so much that it gets too hot.


It also provides enough privacy that you can't really see in.  You can see images if they are close to the door, but if we want to run around in our skivvies, we can!

Now you see 'em...

Now you don't...

We had actually considered painting the whole thing and trying to make it look like an traditional door, but this was so much easier as there was no worry about which color to choose or controlling the over spray.

I love the way it looks from the inside when the shadows of the trees fall on the frosted glass.

It actually looks a little better in the pictures than it does in real life and it still looks a little "commercial" but, hey, Rome wasn't built in a day :D

Smile...'s hump day! 

We made it!  Only two more days and it will be the weekend!!  And a beautiful weekend it will be!

This bowl of fruit is my breakfast.  Sometimes I just dont feel like making a smoothie, so I just eat fruit.  The peaches are still so good.  The grapes are at a reasonable price around here and the nanners...well, that is a little over ripe for some, but for me it is just right

Well, we did not go thrifting today.

I did not realize today is Wednesday until this morning. 

We have a standing prior comittment for Wednesday evenings. 

Soooooo, no thrifting today.  Boo

But maybe tomorrow!!  Woot!  Woot!

Until then...



The first REAL cold front came in today!

When I say "real" I mean one that I could actually tell a change in temperatures.

It was nice and cool and windy and fall-ish today.  I LOVED it!

Mom and I went to visit Aunt Mercy today.

Both Mom and Aunt Mercy are at an age where their bodies ache with arthritis but we were able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather for a little while. 

It felt so good to sit with two women that I love dearly!  They both have sacrificed so much for me throughout my life.  I am so grateful to have this time to spend with them.

I hope it is still cool tomorrow so I can open up the doors and our one window :).

So, I was being a little lazy in this previous post but thought I would expound today.

We have three dogs...Lacey - 13 years old, Maggie - 8 years old, and Jake - about 7, I think.  This post and this post include Jake and this one will include Lacey Girl. is so hard to get her to sit still for a picture, but someday soon I will post about her also.

Lacey wasn't too keen on being still either...

She is the best dog.  So sweet and so gentle and full of so much love.  She is so very easy to please.  She has very few grey hairs for a thirteen year old Lab-mix. 

I had two Lab mixes, Max and Dixie, when I met Ronnie.  Then one day, at one of his grandson's baseball games, Ronnie opened up his jacket and pulled out this beautiful, brown fur ball.  She had and has the most soulful eyes.  I instantly fell in love and was shocked that Ronnie got her for me.  She has been a real joy in our lives.

We have done a couple of projects around here.  

For one, we painted the outside chairs.  Nothing wild, just plain ol' black.  They were getting rusty so we used rust resistant spray paint...from the dollar, no, I dont expect it to last long, but we shall see.  They look really nice, now, though.  I haven't taken an after picture, but I will soon.

I also started installing the peel and stick vinyl flooring in the bathroom last Friday. 

Key word...started.  Today is Tuesday and it is about 2/3's of the way finished. 

Our projects are important to us, but life keeps happening and we have really been enjoying it, causing projects to be moved to the back burner, occasionally. 

We had the best time Saturday morning.  My friend, Veronica, texted me Friday night to let us know her daughter would be playing a soccer game here in BC Saturday morning. 

We went but I forgot my dang camera.  If I want this blog to be my job, I'm going to have to get a little more serious about it, huh? was so much fun watching those kids, about 8 or 9 years old, be so intent on soccer!

Jazz (her blog name) did a great job.  All the girls did.

And they WON!  It was an exciting game.  I could kick myself for not having pictures to post!!!

Another life event that kept me from the bathroom floor :) was the Baptism of my nephew's son (in his heart.  The boy was about 2 years old when my nephew met his mom.  He is now 12).  

We were happy to say yes to being his Godparents. 

Isn't he a cutie???!!!

We spent Saturday evening sweeping and dusting and getting ready for the Baptismal service and the bar b que dinner we were having here afterwards.

Then Monday we started another project! 

Whaaaaaa??? Yep.  We are just random project starting peeps.

I'll just give you a sneak peek for now because I need to go to bed soon...we are going thrifting in Lake Jackson tomorrow.  I gotta get rested up for that, ha!  Hey!  It's hard work. is your sneak peek:

I bet you can guess.

What about you guys?  Started any random projects lately?  What about wonderful life events? 

You know no matter what is going on in your life I hope you all are happy and well!

See you again, soon.


Blogiversary Video

Well, we couldnt resist!

Here is our first Casa Causpanic Blogiversary Video Blog, aka a Vlog.

Hope you enjoy it!!

(Please disregard all mispellings in video) 

Im not so sure we answered any questions, but it was fun anyway.

We have enjoyed sharing with you all this past year and look forward to the next!!