January to June

One beautiful spring day, Ronnie and I were on our way to visit Rae's family and watch Brant play some baseball.  The day started so wonderfully...we had breakfast with Mom (she always stays with Jake and Maggie when we go out of town) and, although I had been dreading the drive, I had finally gotten excited about being on our way.  

We made it all the way to New Braunfels when we received the call from Christi that Mom had fallen and they were on their way to the ER.  I was devastated and just sick to my stomach.  Ronnie wanted to watch Brant so badly, but even he felt we needed to get back.  So, back we came.

It was a really bad break in 4 places but she recovered beautifully, thanks be to God. She endured a lot of pain, but never really complained.  She was a great patient the whole time she stayed with us.  

She is healing and now doing some exercises her orthopedic recommended.  She did not have surgery but he says he will be happy if she can get 80% range of motion.  

Eventually, Ronnie headed back to Spring Branch and got to watch Brant play ball as well as spend some much enjoyed one on one time with Rae.  They found this for me:

It's so true. :)

We have attended a couple of weddings.  Here we are on the way to Serena and Jonathons wedding:

I cried when he sang a song that he wrote for her.  Sorry, no pics of the event.

Then there was David's wedding:

This boy is growing so fast.


There has been a lot of this and that.

A trip to Sugar Land to shop and have some of our favorite, Pei Wei.

Ron learned how to work an iphone.

that may actually be the phone before his iphone, but he did eventually get an iphone.

Maggie slept, of course.

Jake begged to get on the sofa, of course.

That's it, January to June in a nutshell.



Oh Christmas Tree...

...I dont like it when it comes time to put you away.

I love the glow of your lights and how it makes me feel. 

We always wait until after the Epiphany to take down our tree, but it still feels too soon. 

That poor tree has been through heck this year. 

Maggie twirls it every time she passes by it.  She has knocked off several balls and the angel fell off, too. 

Jake lays under it and uses one of the poinsetta flowers to scratch his nose.  Sooooooo...

...I am taking it down tomorrow. Booooo

I had the best afternoon with my great-niece and great-nephew.

Baby Boy gave me a 3 leaf clover and asked if I was going to put it in my hair.

I did and he said, "Aunt Jenn, you look so beautiful." 

Ahhhh, be still my heart.

They are the sweetest little boogers.

Here's a cute conversation with Baby Girl.

When I dropped them off at home she pointed out a bright star.  

Baby Girl: "That looks like the brightest star ever!"  

Me: "That's probably the North Star." 

Baby Girl: "What's the North Star?" 

I explained that the wise men used the North star to find baby Jesus.

She was so cute when she said, "Ohhhh, I wish we could follow the North star to go see baby Jesus!"

Oh how they make me smile. 

Ronnie left to go hunting with Ronnie II.  I hope and pray he has a wonderful time.  I've promised myself I will not call him or text him.  I just want him to be able to enjoy his time.

And...I want to enjoy the time too. 

Mom's birthday is tomorrow.  She is spending the night tonight.  I'm going to get up and make her some breakfast and we will just have a great day.  The weather is supposed to be really pretty too.

Ordinary, Extraordinary Day

We went to El Campo last Friday.  I documented it. :)  

I don't know if this was a different day because Ronnie wears this shirt almost every day. :)  It's his favorite.  

Maggie loves her human.  Actually, she adores him.  It's sweet.

It has been rainy and muddy and cool.  Not cold, just cool.

I hate it when it comes time for me to say this, and it seems to be happening sooner and sooner every year, but I am SO ready for Spring!! 

This next pic is not the best, but had to get Maggies in one of her weird sleeping positions...half on the bed and half off.  Might be worth a try.

Happy New Year!!

The end of 2012 was a whirlwind.  

We had a few challenges. 

Our family even had a Christmas miracle.

It is all behind us now, thanks to God.

And I truly mean, THANKS TO GOD. 

As we embark on the year ahead I take comfort in looking back and seeing all the good God has done and how He is always with us.

We are now 6 days into 2013

and it's "Looooking goooood" (think Chico and the Man).

My dreams for this year: 

  1. Win the HGTV Dream Home
  2. Become financially independent (read as ridiculously rich)
  3. Become so healthy and disciplined that we win every marathon we enter 
  4. Host crazy, fun-filled family dinners with delicious. healthy, whole-food at least 5 days a week
  5. Give Mother Teresa a run for her money as a helper

 Obviously, all of these are a little over stated, but hey, dream big and big things will happen.  Expect big things and big things you will receive.  You get the idea, though.

I've been feeling the need for a little change.  

The best way for me to scratch that itch is to just move some furniture around and clean.

The weather has been wet around here so it means mud  and dog hair.  

I started with the dining/bedroom area.  By the end of the day it felt sooooo much better.

See...now this is why I havent blogged in so long...

I took "after" pics, but I cant find them on the SD card.  

So, now I need to take after pics again, but dont have time right now, as I need to get ready so I can go turn in my resume at a couple of places.  

So....maybe the next post...maybe.